Optimize Power and Shape Sustainable Futures with Our Versatile Battery Storage Solutions.

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Optimize Power and Shape Sustainable Futures with Our Versatile Battery Storage Solutions.

In today's world of economic growth and increasing populations, the demand for electricity is soaring. Governments and industries are globally shifting to distributed renewable energy, challenging centralized grids. To adapt to this changing energy landscape, the mtu EnergyPack offers an ideal solution.   

It integrates renewable sources like solar and wind power, paving the way for future-ready sustainable power systems. The mtu EnergyPack is a scalable, all-in-one solution for autonomous off-grid facilities. It ensures reliable power through peak shaving, load-shifting, and grid stabilization, making it suitable for various applications.   

Regardless of capacity needs, mtu EnergyPack provides dependable microgrid and energy system storage.

The mtu EnergyPack efficiently stores electricity from distributed
sources and delivers on demand. It is available in different sizes: QS and QL, ranging from 200 kVA to 2,000 kVA, and from 312 kWh to 2,084 kWh, and QG for grid scale storage needs, ranging from 4,400 kVA and 4,470 kWh to virtually any size.

The mtu EnergyPack serves as a key component in enhancing the reliability and profitability of microgrids and energy systems. It stores electricity generated by distributed power sources, including gensets, wind turbines, or solar panels, and delivers it when needed.

No matter your power and capacity needs, the mtu EnergyPack stands as the reliable choice for microgrids and energy systems.  Its containerized housings have divided sections, some with outside air contact for protection against pollutants. Additionally, mtu EnergyPack QG offers scalable capacities for energy suppliers or trading purposes, up to several hundred megawatt hours.  

Power density

The mtu EnergyPack compact battery system design suits projects with limited space and logistical restrictions.

Digitally connected

Equipped with a data logger, the mtu EnergyPack allows access to digital solutions like remote monitoring and reliable service support. It also offers upcoming operational optimization features.

Multilevel safety

The comprehensive safety concept secures batteries, inverters and HVAC systems with advanced fire and explosion protection, detecting smoke and explosive gases.

Black start capability

The battery energy storage system (BESS) can function as a black start unit, enabling autonomous grid formation without auxiliary voltage.


The mtu EnergyPack easily adapts to storage capacity and battery rating requirements, accommodating various power and capacity needs. Ultra-fast response: the mtu EnergyPack swiftly brings power online, providing essential capabilities for power quality, black starts, frequency response and backup applications.

Ultra-fast response

By bringing power on-stream immediately, the mtu EnergyPack provides essential fast response capability for power quality, black starts, frequency response and backup applications.

Flexible use

The mtu EnergyPack accepts customer setpoints and can be upgraded with the mtu microgrid controller for versatile applications.

Plug-and-play installation

The mtu EnergyPack is factory-tested and designed for easy integration, reducing setup time and costs for quicker, cost-effective power availability.

Compact, flexible, and autonomous, the mtu EnergyPack ensures instant power wherever you need it.

mtu EnergyPack QG

Giant and powerful

​4,400 > 100,000 kWh

  • Cabinet-style outdoor installation​
  • Highly scalable design
  • Ideal for grid-scale projects
  • ​Strong cost reduction with economy-of-scale​

mtu EnergyPack QL

Large and versatile

​1,000 kWh – 2,000 kWh

  • Seamless integration​
  • 40-foot design with fast commissioning​
  • Ultrafast reponse​
  • Digital connectivity

mtu EnergyPack QS

Small and sturdy

312 kWh – 624 kWh

  • ​​Factory-tested plug-and-play design​
  • Black-start capability​
  • Relocatable container
  • Sheltered environment with high robustness​

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mtu EnergyPack – The full power and capacity range*

*Actual capacities and sizes may vary due to battery type and system configuration.

Technical Data Sheets
mtu ENERGYPACK QL Download (PDF 1 MB)
mtu ENERGYPACK QG Download (PDF 2 MB)
mtu Energypack QS Download (PDF 1 MB)

Multiple Applications

Grid & utility service provider

The mtu EnergyPack plays a crucial role in frequency regulation, managing grid congestion, and avoiding significant investments in grid infrastructure. It enables a scale-up of electric vehicle charging and enhances the reliability and dispatchability of solar and wind power. When combined with the mtu EnergyPack, gas or diesel power plants can operate more efficiently.


Facilities with onsite generation can optimize power consumption by integrating an mtu EnergyPack. This allows taking advantage of time-of-day electricity tariffs, shifting power draws, and providing backup power when needed.


Remote industrial operations can reduce fuel consumption by integrating renewables with mtu EnergyPack. When connected to the public grid, it cuts demand charges and boosts own-use consumption, mitigating energy costs.  


The mtu EnergyPack enhances the self-sufficiency of urban areas with local power generation and provides reliable backup power during grid failures. In areas without a reliable grid connection, integrating an mtu EnergyPack into a local microgrid ensures high-quality power supplies. It facilitates the integration of renewable energies, reducing carbon footprint and saving fuel.

Public sector

The mtu EnergyPack improves security and quality of supply for public facilities in areas with an unreliable grid connection. It enhances the stability of existing power plants through spinning reserve capabilities and supports the integration of solar arrays to reduce fuel consumption. If connected to the grid, it increases the own-use of solar power, reducing dependency on grid-supplied electricity.
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Anatomy of an mtu EnergyPack

Input cabinet

Power string

Inverter cooling

Inverter cabinets

Control cabinet

Battery racks

HVAC system

ISO container


Input cabinet


Power string


Inverter cooling


Inverter cabinets


Control cabinet


Battery racks


HVAC system


ISO container

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