Reliable and Environmentally Friendly: mtu Drive Systems for Agricultural Applications

Posted on November 11, 2007

Tognum subsidiary MTU Friedrichshafen introduces new engines for agricultural applications (emission class EU IIIA and EPA Tier 3) at the Agritechnica Trade Fair in Hanover.

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Friedrichshafen/Hanover, 11 November 2007. Tognum subsidiary MTU Friedrichshafen introduces new engines for agricultural applications (emission class EU IIIA and EPA Tier 3) at the Agritechnica Trade Fair in Hanover. Performances range from 35 to 480 KW and include applications such as combine harvesters, forage harvesters, sugar cane harvesters, forest harvesters and tractors.

With the Series 700 engines (3, 4 and 6 cylinders), mtu provides a power range from 35 to 120 KW. Series 900 engines with four or six cylinders generate performances between 75 and 240 KW. However, not only do the engines from these series yield high engine performances, but they also offer impressive tractive power at low speeds. At the next power level, Series 460 engines can deliver performances between 242 and 360 kW.

The power range from 260 to 448 KW is covered by Series 500. These engines are the product of a modular system of six and eight cylinders, with a 2 liter per-cylinder capacity. All Series 500 engines are characterized by their compact design and their comparatively low weight. This rugged technology consists of an electronic engine management system, four valves per cylinder, a unit-pump system injection (UP), with separately controlled individual plug-in pumps per cylinder, and eight-hole injection nozzles. All of this results in excellent economic efficiency, remarkable durability and low emission rates.

The engine electronics of the Mercedes-Benz engine Series 500, 460, 900 and 700 have been specifically designed for utilization in agricultural applications, i.e. on the fields. The electronics communicate via interfaces with the relevant agricultural machines, such as potato or turnip harvesters. The electronic control system facilitates a flexible approach to the various applications of the equipment. Thanks to their electronic engine management system, all Series 500, 460, 900 and 700 engines are designed to provide an effective balance between performance and economic efficiency.

However, injection and engine management system do not just play a major part in terms of economic efficiency. They also contribute significantly to ensuring that these engines for agricultural machinery are ecologically sound. Thus, these engines comply with the latest EU Level IIIA and, simultaneously, EPA Tier 3 emission specifications.

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Together with Detroit Diesel, mtu is the core brand of Tognum.

MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH supplies diesel engines and complete drive systems for ships, heavy land and rail vehicles, industrial applications and decentralized power generation plants. Covering diesel engines from 20 kW to 9,100 kW and gas turbines, the range of products is one of the most modern and wide-ranging in the sector. And to control and monitor its engines and drive plants, the company develops and manufactures its own custom-tailored electronic systems.

Sales of the Tognum Group amounted to EUR 2.5 billion in 2006. Today, the Group employs more than 7,800 personnel worldwide. It maintains a global sales and distribution network including 16 subsidiaries, more than 130 distribution partners and 1,100 authorized dealers.