mtu showcases engine program for EU and US 2014 emissions levels at Bauma

Posted on April 19, 2010

Tognum subsidiary MTU Friedrichshafen will use the world’s largest construction machinery exhibition, Bauma, to present for the first time its wide-ranging engine program for all future emissions levels.

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  • EU Stage  IV and EPA Tier  4 from 2014:
    Engines below 560  kW with exhaust aftertreatment,
    engines from 560 to 730  kW with exhaust gas recirculation
  • EU Stage  III  B and EPA Tier 4i from 2011:
    Engines below 560 kW with SCR
  • Engine range from 100 to 3,000 kW

Friedrichshafen/Munich, 19 April 2010. Tognum subsidiary MTU Friedrichshafen will use the world’s largest construction machinery exhibition, Bauma, to present for the first time its wide-ranging engine program for all future emissions levels. The exhibition takes place from April 19 - 25 in Munich. The program covers drives up to 730  kW for US EPA Tier  4 (from 2014) as well as engines below 560  kW for EU Stage  III  B and EPA Tier  4  interim (from 2011) and includes Series 400, Series 500, Series 900, Series 2000 and Series 4000 engines producing between approximately 100 kW and 3,000  kW. The units on show are used, for example, in port equipment such as dockside cranes, container stackers and mobile cranes and in applications ranging from underground mining vehicles to haul trucks, wheel loaders and excavators in the world’s biggest mines.

“We are already in a position to show customers our solutions for 2014 and those solutions not only meet the targets, they do it on less fuel”, said Rainer Breidenbach, Tognum COO with responsibility for the business unit Engines, underlining the company’s technological expertise and its competitive edge. “That is a clear token of our commitment to our C&I business and for our customers it confirms our status as a solid and reliable partner over the long term.”

In the range up to 560  kW, from 2014 mtu will be extending its range of C&I products below the Series 1600 with new 4- and 6-cylinder engines designated Series 1000, Series 1100, Series 1300 and Series 1500. A 6R 1500 unit will be on display at the exhibition. These are based on the coming generation of commercial vehicle engines from Mercedes-Benz and will be designed by mtu specifically to match the C&I profile. Right from their introduction in 2014, these engine series will meet EU Stage  IV and EPA Tier  4  final specifications and will be equipped with exhaust gas recirculation, diesel particulate filters and SCR systems.

10V and 12V 1600 engines for C&I and mining applications extend the program up to 730  kW. These meet EPA Tier  4 requirements using exhaust gas recirculation and do not need either diesel particulate filters or SCR units. In order to meet stringent emissions limits while also keeping complexity to a minimum for its customers and achieving even lower fuel consumption, mtu has placed particular emphasis on optimizing the combustion process. This is the only way of minimizing the outlay necessary for exhaust gas aftertreatment. Overall, the customer benefits from an integrated system with low conversion and operating costs.

For EU Stage  III  B and EPA Tier  4i which come into force from 2011, mtu will be supplying engines in the range up to 560 kW with an integrated SCR unit. This technology was selected in cooperation with major customers and allows OEMs to convert their vehicles and equipment for 2011 emissions targets with the least possible outlay. This approach also brings additional benefits in the form of reduced fuel consumption.

Legislative requirements mean that further development of Series 2000 and Series 4000 to comply with EPA Tier 4 interim and Tier 4 final is primarily aimed at the US market. The first public presentations are scheduled for 2011 at American trade events.

From 2014/15, for EPA Tier 4 final, the most stringent emissions level so far defined, mtu thus has C&I engines with the lowest consumption figures across the entire power range from around 100 kW to 3,000 kW.

mtu’s role as a reliable partner for its customers is built not only on its products alone, but also on its mtu  ValueCare program of services. Among others, these include precision-tailored maintenance contracts, extended warranty coverage and the rapid and dependable provision of high-quality, original-brand spare parts.

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