Maintain optimal temperatures.

Why are genuine coolants so important?

Coolants keep engine and system temperatures optimal under all operating conditions. Thanks to extensive research, mtu coolants are designed to optimally protect mtu equipment, with exceptional thermal transfer characteristics and high temperature stability.

mtu coolants are perfectly formulated to provide maximum protection for mtu engines and systems according to how they’re used in the field. They also protect against all kinds of corrosion - which leads to leaks and other costly damage.

Heat dissipation

Cooling fluid (a mixture of coolant concentrate and water) absorbs and removes thermal energy generated during combustion. With outstanding thermal transfer characteristics, genuine mtu coolants protect the engine block, cylinder heads and other components against overheating and engine damage, which can result in costly repairs and downtime.

Corrosion prevention

Without mtu coolant, the oxygen in the water can lead to a chemical reaction with the metallic components in the cooling system during engine operation. To avoid this problem and prevent corrosion, mtu coolants contain suitable additives, which form a protective film on engine components.

Cavitation protection

Cavitation involves the formation and break-up of vapor bubbles in engine coolant cavities such as water pumps and cylinder liners. When vapor bubbles implode, they cause a crater-like material erosion known as cavitation. mtu coolants guard against this problem, forming a protective film on the metal components. The film acts as a shield that absorbs energy from imploding vapor bubbles.

Specially formulated antifreeze

Since water expands when it freezes, using water-soluble corrosion inhibitors in the cooling system of a combustion engine can cause extensive damage. mtu Antifreeze Concentrate is specially formulated for use at extremely low temperatures in cold regions, as the glycol constituents in the antifreeze can be adjusted to lower the coolant’s freezing point to an acceptable level.

Environmentally friendly

Genuine mtu coolants are generally free from nitrites, amines and phosphates.

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