Grand finale with Beethoven and Rachmaninoff

Posted on October 31, 2013

Propulsion and power generation specialist Tognum is bringing the Württemberg Philharmonic orchestra of Reutlingen to Lake Constance.

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  • Tognum stages concert for last time with local companies
  • Tognum Band to play prelude
  • Württemberg Philharmonic Orchastra of Reutlingen to perform well-known classics

Friedrichshafen, October 31, 2013. Propulsion and power generation specialist Tognum is bringing the Württemberg Philharmonic orchestra of Reutlingen to Lake Constance. Supported by neighbouring companies Astrium and Cassidian and the Ravensburg branch of Mercedes-Benz, Tognum is organizing a charity concert on Sunday, 10 November. The concert, to which members of the public are cordially invited, will be held in the Count Zeppelin Building in Friedrichshafen at 19:30. Entry is free-of-charge and the doors will open at 18:30. Instead of an entrance fee, the organizers would be pleased to receive donations to the 'Frauen helfen Frauen' (womens' aid) organization in Friedrichshafen.

Conducted by Ola Rudner, the Württemberg Philharmonic Orchestra of Reutlingen will play Ludwig van Beethoven's overture to Prometheus and the famous symphony no. 5 in C minor. Accompanied by Jürgen Jakob, a well-known pianist from Tettnang, the orchestra will also perform Sergei Rachmaninoff's piano concerto no. 3 in D minor. To begin the musical evening, the Tognum brass band will provide a rendition of 'Lord Tullamore' by Carl Wittrock.

The concert is to bring to a close what has been a long-standing tradition for the companies involved. 25 years ago, Tognum's predecessor companies in the Daimler Group – mtu, Dornier and the Ravensburg Mercedes-Benz location – got together to stage the first corporate concert for the workforce. On that occasion it was the Daimler-Benz chamber orchestra that performed, and the concerts that followed every year were an enrichment of the corporate culture. Apart from the mtu wind ensemble – the forerunner to today's Tognum band – major symphony orchestras also came to the Count Zeppelin Building to play. Peter Küpfer, a former mtu employee who helped initiate the concerts, recalls: "The idea was mainly to provide the mtu wind ensemble with a high-quality venue for its appearances."

Led by Tognum, the companies are now organizing their last concert, which will take the form of a charity concert open to all members of the public rather than just the workforce. "It is thanks to the dedication of our staff that we will be able to celebrate this wonderful tradition one more time," said Jörg Schwitalla, member of the Executive Board responsible for HR, integrity and operations.
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