Sustainable solutions for a greener future

From combustion engines to fuel cells, we’re pioneering future-ready solutions.
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Sustainable solutions

Our products moving towards a net-zero future for energy and drive-power

Run on sustainable fuels, it is possible for internal combustion engines to be 'net-zero carbon'. That's why we are continuing to develop our combustion engines and make them fit for use with sustainable biofuels and e-fuels. At the same time, we're developing fuel cell solutions that generate zero-emissions electricity.  

Combustion engines going green

Internal combustion engines will continue to play a critical role in powering most ships, the heaviest off-highway vehicles and power generation equipment. Yet, they are also part of the journey to net zero as they are increasingly being run on biofuels and e-fuels, for significantly lower emissions.  

The latest generation of mtu gensets based on  the mtu Series 4000 gas engines are H2-ready and can soon be operated with a hydrogen admixture of 25 percent. We want to continuously increase this proportion until we have pure hydrogen engines in our portfolio. Then, on demand, there are conversion kits that allow gas engines already installed in the field to run on 100 percent hydrogen.  In the marine sector, the interesting sustainable fuel is methanol, which is also something our development team is working to develop for our customers.  Even today, our mtu Series 4000 and Series 1600 engines for power generation are approved to run on synthetic paraffinic diesel fuels in accordance with EN 15940, which includes the biofuel HVO.  

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Zero-carbon, pollution-free energy with mtu fuel cells

mtu fuel cell solutions are all about clean, net zero power generation – aboard ships, in data centers, in hospitals and wherever energy is required. An initial mtu fuel cell system is already generating power reliably at our location in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Used as flexibly as a diesel genset, our fuel cell solutions will provide power in the megawatt range for reliable standby and continuous power. We're also working on mtu fuel cell systems for ships.

Reliable green power with mtu EnergyPacks

The energy landscape across the world is changing: large power plants that use fossil fuels to steadily supply energy are being replaced by smaller, decentralized units, often using renewable energy sources such as sun and wind. Although they supply the energy in a completely CO2-neutral way, there is much more variability in energy production. mtu EnergyPacks take the fluctuations out of renewable power, storing excess energy for times when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing. In this way, the power is constant and dispatched precisely when it is needed - whether for grid stabilization, for balancing peak loads or for voltage equalization.

NautIQ and EnergetIQ – making our systems smart

Our goal is to provide practical solutions. For us, this involves more than just the engine, it incudes the entire system. Our modern engine management systems control and monitor the engines and overall systems, enabling them to perform sustainably. Our advanced marine control system, NautIQ, provides reliable and efficient management and control solutions from bridge to propeller. We control our microgrids using the smart, adaptive EnergetIQ control system. This calculates the perfect balance of the various energy sources to generate electricity efficiently, safely and sustainably.  

Microgrids for sustainable, self-sufficient power supplies

mtu microgrids can be any combination of distributed energy resources ranging from renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power, to battery storage solutions and dependable combustion engines. At the heart of it all is a smart, adaptive control system that manages the way the individual power sources are deployed for optimal performance and efficiency. With our smart microgrids, you are able to avoid the fluctuations of renewable resources to have constant power even when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing.

The best of both worlds: greater efficiency and power using hybrid drive systems

As the world continues on its transformation to greener solutions, we see the combustion engine as the sole source of drive-power becoming less and less common. Instead, it will increasingly be used as part of a hybrid power delivery system, thus offering the best of both worlds with an electric motor taking over whenever zero-carbon, noiseless operation is required. When, on the other hand, range is key, the diesel engine will swing into action. We supply hybrid traction for trains and hybrid propulsion for ships and. In all of these, the hybrid systems involve a mix of three components: a combustion engine, an electric motor and a battery. In the not-so-distant future, we expect to supplement these systems with fuel cells and renewable energy sources as well.

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Greener power supply in the Seychelles

Seychelles aims to generate 15 per cent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030. Three mtu EnergyPacks QL compensate for power fluctuations and thus stabilise the grid.

by Lucie Maluck, Kerstin Hansmann

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From food farmer to energy farmer

That's how a circular economy works: The Energor company collects food waste and uses it to make biogas that fuels twin mtu Combined Heat and Power modules. These generate enough electrical power for some 2000 households. We take a look behind the scenes at a very smart company.

by Lucie Maluck

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London to Monaco to save the seas

The 8-strong pedaling team mtu Power4Seas is cycling all the way from London to Monaco to raise funds for the environmental organization Blue Marine Foundation.

by Wolfgang Boller

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STORY Commercial Marine

HVO makes the difference

Since 1 January 2023, it has been mandatory for commercial harbor craft operating in Californian waters to run on HVO instead of fossil diesel. The Golden Gate Ferrys in San Francico have been pioneering the use of HVO, also known as renewable diesel, since May 2019. A field report.

by Jonathan Rowland

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