VIRTUS Container Gensets for mobile Operation

Posted on March 29, 2004

As of now, DaimlerChrysler Off-Highway offers mobile container gensets.
As of now, DaimlerChrysler Off-Highway offers mobile container gensets. The standard containers are equipped with all accessories, which are necessary for immediate operation, such as cooling system, control system, silencer and fuel tank. The installation work on site is therefore limited to the connection to the fuel system and the connection to the electric consumers.

The gensets, marketed under the Virtus brand name, are an economical alternative to traditional stationary generating plants as they result in considerably lower investment cost compared to newly built or converted generating-plant buildings. Technically mature, the Virtus gensets use high-efficiency and cost-optimised series production components, i.e. engine, alternator, controls, a full range of factory tested accessories which provide a high flexibility for the customer. This is facilitated by close coupling of performance points, a flexible modular construction and an easy extension of the power plant as well as a control panel with various built-in configurations.
A special feature of VIRTUS container gensets is that they consist of different standardized modules. This modular concept allows to tailor the genset to the customers' individual needs, like the choices between standby or continuous duty, between 50 or 60 hertz, and between low or high voltages. Mobile Virtus genstes are offered in the power range between 650 and 2500 kVA.