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Hurghada airport opts for emergency gensets from mtu Onsite Energy

Posted on August 10, 2011

The future will see standby gensets from Tognum brand mtu Onsite Energy in service at the Egyptian airport of Hurghada.

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  • Four Series 1600 and eight Series 2000-based emergency gensets
  • Another important order for the business with emergency gensets in the Middle East
  • Reference project already in service at Cairo airport

Friedrichshafen, 10 August 2011. The future will see standby gensets from Tognum brand mtu Onsite Energy in service at the Egyptian airport of Hurghada. Owing to ever increasing passenger volumes, the airport of the busiest tourist center in Egypt was expanded by a second runway and a new terminal. By late 2011, mtu Onsite Energy, in cooperation with the Egyptian distributor MCV Egypt, is to supply twelve gensets for emergency power generation. Four of them are based on the 10V 1600 G20F model and boast an electrical power output of 500 kVA each. The other eight standby gensets are equipped with Series 2000 engines of different models, with three of them providing an electrical output of 880 kVA each (12V 2000 G65TD) and five of 1,265 kVA each (18V 2000 G65TD).

The four gensets based on Series 1600 engines will meet the emergency power requirements of the new runway and thus ensure that planes can take off and land safely even in case of power failure. One of the eight Series 2000 standby gensets will be installed in a soundproof container for mobile use. The remaining seven gensets are to guarantee the emergency power supply for the new terminal and the cooling plant. In case of power outage, the emergency gensets are ready to operate and take up load within fifteen seconds.

Gensets operating in connection with air traffic are subject to strict technical requirements. These particularly concern the stability of voltage and frequency when load from all the different consumers such as lifts, lighting and data processing systems is applied. Another requirement might be noise attenuation for intake and discharge air in order to stay below the maximum permissible noise emission level.

mtu Onsite Energy has already demonstrated its system expertise for complete emergency gensets in connection with other strategically important projects in Egypt: In 2009, the company provided the Cairo International Airport with standby gensets for its new tower. And at the Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport, three gensets are to ensure the emergency power supply. mtu Onsite Energy thus set a positive signal for future orders in the growing market of North Africa and the Middle East.
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