Marine Diesel Engines

mtu Series 8000

The powerful high-speed engine meeting maximum demands.

Even more power to suit the increased demand of vessels with high payload and speed: with up to 10,000 kW, the robust mtu Series 8000 diesel engine offers the best performance. Thanks to its proven advantages and naval qualifi cation, the mtu Series 8000 is also the ideal partner in worldwide military and civilian use.

Over the last 20 years the mtu Series 8000 has already impressively provided proof of its reliability, with over 300 engines of this type delivered, accumulating together more than 2,000,000 operating hours and in numerous missions. The compact propulsion engine impresses with its outstanding power-toweight ratio and unlimited low load operation.

Maximum uptime

All systems are designed for maximum reliability and availability.

Customized Solutions

Propulsion systems engineered to match the requirements of your needs.

Green technology

Our solutions are future-oriented regarding sustainable fuels.

Expert engineering support

Providing extensive analysis, risk mitigation services and integrated interfaces.

Lifecycle Costs

Maximize availability and optimize lifecycle costs with a ValueCare Agreement.

ValueCare service

Protect your investment with mtu-certified technicians, genuine parts and training.

The spirit of power

The Series 8000 engines stand out for their low life-cycle costs and particularly low fuel consumption thanks to the perfectly matched components. Exceptional availability of the Series 8000 engines is guaranteed by long service intervals and easy handling in maintenance and repair. Even more economical in a system: with up to 10,000 kW power per engine, an all-diesel arrangement with Series 8000 can be installed – replacing combined propulsion systems with gas turbines (CODAG, CODOG).

As a full-range supplier, we offer our customers a comprehensive range – whether diesel engines, gas turbines, complete propulsion systems, on-board power supply or ship-automation: We customize the systems to your needs. Furthermore, as a system supplier, we offer complete service solutions for the entire product life-cycle. Based on our many years of know-how, high-quality propulsion systems are tailor-made to meet any demand.

mtu Series 8000 key features at a glance *

Starting system

Air starter motor, 15 bar; press. reduct. station 40/15 bar, coolant preheating system

Cooling system

mtu-split-circuit coolant system, coolant-to-raw water plate core heat exchanger, centrifugal raw water pump with priming system, coolant circulation pump, coolant expansion tank

Engine management system

Engine control and monitoring system (MDEC), interface to remote control and monitoring system, local operating panel (LOP)

Oil system

Lube oil pump, automatic filter with backflushing, centrifugal oil filter, lube-oil heat exchanger, lube oil priming pump, lube oil level monitoring/replenishment system, switchboxes for lube oil replenishment and priming pumps

Combustion air system

Engine coolant temperature-controlled intercooler, sequential turbocharging with 4 water-cooled turbochargers, on-engine set of combustion-air filters

Compliance with emission regulations

Optional: we will offer SCR solutions to meet IMO III emission regulations

Fuel system

Fuel delivery pump, fuel duplex filter with diverter valve, “common rail” fuel injection system with high-pressure pump, pressure accumulator and electronically fuel injection with cylinder cutout system, jacketed HP fuel lines, leak-off fuel tank level monitored, fuel hand pump, fuel pre-filter with water separator, fuel recooler

Exhaust system

On-engine exhaust manifolds, exhaust bellow

Monitoring / control system

mtu NautIQ Foresight
mtu NautIQ Master
mtu NautIQ Core

Mounting system

Highly resilient mounts for high acoustic requirements and/or shock requirements

* dependent from configuration

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Sustainable fuels make internal combustion engines cleaner

Modern power-to-X technologies use green electricity in electrolysis to produce hydrogen. Using C02 from the air or biomass, this hydrogen is converted into e-fuels such as e-methane, e-methanol or e-diesel. Power-to-X technology makes the C02-neutral cycle possible. By 2023, our leading series will be able to run on sustainable fuels such as e- and second-generation biofuels. In parallel, our developers are working on hydrogen and methanol engines.

Encapsulation and Mounting

Sound encapsulation and engine mountings for marine engines involves the strategic implementation of soundproofing materials and design modifications to reduce noise emissions from the engine compartment.
This process aims to contain the noise at its source, preventing it from
escaping and propagating through the water and surrounding environment. Depending on the application different targets can be achieved such as raised passenger comfort in yachts to enhanced tactical advantages for frigates based on the lower noise levels. mtu engines can optional be equipped with enhanced mounting and sound encapsulation technologies and contracted sound levels via our internal engineering experts.

Propulsion solutions

We are a leader in the field of propulsion systems with low magnetic and acoustic signatures, allowing us to reduce the magnetism of all ferromagnetic parts with our own method to a stable minimum.

Power Generation Product Finder

Check out the new product finder with power, emissions and application filters.

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