The fully-integrated yacht propulsion system

No matter how extraordinary your requirements, we can supply you with a complete, fully-integrated propulsion system.

We are a solution provider. That means we deliver a complete marine propulsion package, fully-integrated and intelligent, with intuitive handling and full connectivity. Our serial hybrid systems lower emissions as well as operating costs and are designed for ease-of-use. They can be upgraded with optional battery modules, which allow you to switch to emissions-free, silent mode in harbor areas.    

We're also your partner rather than simply a supplier. We're with you for the long haul, providing full coverage with dedicated service solutions that fit your specific needs – our Premium Yacht Service. To keep your engines performing optimally for years to come, we provide a best-in-class warranty and several complementary mtu ValueCare products and services.

Premium Yacht Service

Best-in-class warranty and several complementary mtu ValueCare products and services.

Your needs, your solution

Seamlessly integrated systems tailored for you.

Your technology expert

System solutions that both maximize efficiency and reduce emissions.

Integrated, intelligent and intuitive solutions.

Serial Hybrid System for Yachts

It's time to experience a completely new way to cruise. Our Serial Hybrid System transforms your yacht into a more relaxing, peaceful vessel. One with less noise, fewer vibrations and a reduction in emissions. Why not head to your next anchoring destination in silent mode? Or you could use the well-proven diesel engine while recharging the system’s battery module. It's a flexible system, because we know your needs can change.

Integrated Bridge System - A new kind of control

We're using our broad experience and deep knowledge in ship automation to offer a fully-integrated bridge solution - mtu NautIQ Bridge. By joining forces with Team Italia, we've created a solution that brings together all necessary subsystems to monitor, control and navigate the entire vessel into one platform. It comes with premium mtu quality, a modern design and innovative features. Get ready to boost your ship's safety, style and performance.  

Digital Solutions - Stay connected

mtu's digital tools, Go Act and Go Manage, provide synchronized information about the status and overall condition of your mtu propulsion systems - both onboard and onshore. Accessible by captains, crew, fleet managers and service staff, our digital tools are there to maximize your assets’ availability and provide optimized service support based on real-time insights and data analytics.

Looking for a custom solution?

Get in touch with an mtu expert to find the perfect custom product offer for you.

From bridge to propeller from a single source

With Rolls-Royce now a single-source provider of all systems needed to power a yacht, maximum efficiency is assured.

by Lucie Maluck

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London to Monaco to save the seas

The 8-strong pedaling team mtu Power4Seas is cycling all the way from London to Monaco to raise funds for the environmental organization Blue Marine Foundation.

by Wolfgang Boller

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Green methanol for mtu marine engines

Heading for the future with e-methanol: Rolls-Royce develops high-speed mtu methanol engines as a game-changer for climate-friendly shipping.

by Peter Thomas

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Speed, comfort, efficiency, locally emission-free - mtu Hybrid PropulsionPack

Rolls-Royce's mtu Hybrid PropulsionPack offers more than one way to design hybrid propulsion for ships. Adapted to the customer's wishes, it can not only ensure lower emission levels, but also silence on board - whether in the harbor or at anchor.

by Vanessa Bösch

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Ship Automation Systems

Controlling power with intelligent electronics. As a systems supplier, we not only provide you with the perfect propulsion system, but also with automation systems that are adjustable to fit your needs.

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Complete Lifecycle Solutions

mtu engines and systems are built to deliver robust, reliable performance. But our commitment to your success doesn’t end there. For peak performance, longer life and optimized costs, rely on mtu ValueCare - the only service portfolio designed specifically with your equipment in mind.

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mtu Propulsion Configurator

Adjust parameters as appropriate for your ship and your emissions targets, and we will show you the perfect configuration.

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