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PowerPacks and Engines

All engines at a glance.
Series 1300
6R 1300/OM 471 (EU Stage V) Download (PDF 1 MB)
6R 1300/OM 471 (EPA Tier 4) Download (PDF 1 MB)
Series 1500
6R 1500/OM 473 (EU Stage V) Download (PDF 1 MB)
6R 1500/OM 473 (EPA Tier 4) Download (PDF 1 MB)
Series 1600
mtu PowerPacks Series 1600 (EU Stage IIIB / EU Stage V) Download (PDF 1 MB)
12V 1600 (EU Stage IIIB / EU Stage V) Download (PDF 5 MB)
Series 1800
mtu PowerPack Series 1800 (EU Stage IIIA / EU Stage IIIB / EU Stage V) Download (PDF 1 MB)
mtu Hybrid PowerPack Series 1800 (EU Stage V) Download (PDF 1 MB)
Series 4000
4000 R03 (EU Stage IIIA compliant, UIC IIIA) Download (PDF 2 MB)
4000 R04 (EPA Tier 3) Download (PDF 1 MB)
4000 R04 (EU Stage V, IIIB compliant) Download (PDF 1 MB)

Sustainable fuels: E-Diesel and HVO make mtu engines (almost) climate-neutral

by Lucie Maluck

Up to 100 percent lower CO2 emissions, yet the same amount of power: synthetic diesel fuels make a major contribution to climate protection. Which mtu engines can already run on these fuels today?

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We know what we're doing

by Jan Schumacher

Clemens Berger has been heading up the Mobile Power Solutions business unit since February. Here, he talks about his first 100 days and discusses what will be important during the next five years.

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Making every engine unique

by Lucie Maluck

How do you turn a Series 2000 or Series 4000 engine into a customized one-off that fits the customer's application like a glove?

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Power Generation

Life on the edge

by Lucie Maluck

Freezing cold in Siberia, searing desert heat, towering waves or quaking earth – mtu Series 2000 and Series 4000 engines are tough as nails.

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