Power Generation

Diesel Generator Sets

Top level performance, robust design and optimal fuel consumption. With six different ratings for flexible emergency backup power.

Over half a century of experience in power generation

Backed by decades of experience and total system expertise, mtu diesel gensets are designed for maximum reliability, featuring low fuel consumption, long service intervals and low emissions.

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Wide range of applications

Customers around the world trust us to provide reliable power for a wide range of mission-critical applications, such as healthcare, data centers, airports, waste water treatment plants, manufacturing plants and independent power stations. Our product portfolio covers diesel generator sets up to  3,250 kWe (60 Hz).

Superior transient performance

85% load factor for standby applications and 75% for prime power

Mature & reliable design

Designed to operate in any situation – even in extreme conditions

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Low operating costs result from long maintenance intervals and ultra-efficient, fuel-optimized operation

Emissions Optimized

Providing the power you need while easily fulfilling emissions regulations

Output range

Diesel generator set portfolio

mtu Series 4000

50 Hz: 1,600 – 4,000 kVA
60 Hz: 1,125 – 3,250 kWe
The  mtu  Series 4000 generator set performs at the highest level, featuring a robust design and optimal fuel consumption. A perfect solution for mission-critical applications.

mtu Series 2000

50 Hz: 770 – 1,270 kVA
60 Hz: 680 – 1,250 kWe
The  mtu  Series 2000 delivers power output within a few seconds with industry leading load factors even in extreme ambient conditions.

mtu Series 1600

50 Hz: 460 – 730 kVA
60 Hz: 400 – 600 kWe
The  mtu  Series 1600 genset brings  mtu  power, technology and reliability to the power range from 400 to 600 kWe (460 to 730 kVA).

mtu Series 0080 – mtu Series 0225

50 Hz: 30 – 94 kVA
60 Hz: 27 – 400 kWe
These lower power range generator sets are built with the same engineering and system expertise as our larger gensets, featuring low fuel consumption, high efficiency and outstanding reliability.

Sustainable fuels

Even today, our mtu Series 4000 and Series 1600 engines for power generation are approved to run on synthetic paraffinic diesel fuels in accordance with EN 15940, which includes the biofuel HVO. In 2023, approval for Series 2000 and Series 4000 engines in key applications is expected as well. HVO is one of the first commercially available fuels that can be used to power internal combustion engines in a significantly more climate-friendly way.  

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