The mtu 2000 DS genset delivers proven reliability and is ideal for a wide range of applications.

Reliable energy solution

Based on proven technology

Performance, fuel efficiency and reliability – three qualities that add up to one thing: perfect power generation. Time and time again our diesel generator sets have proven themselves over six generations.  The performance  range  runs from 770 to 1,270 kVA (50 Hz) and 680 to 1,250 kWe (60 Hz).

With the latest generation  mtu  Series 2000 we push the boundary even further: major engine components have been optimized, intelligently combined and perfectly adapted to one another.

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Highest and fastest availability

Delivering full power output within a few seconds with industry-leading load factors.

Excellent load acceptance

mtu Series 2000 generator sets accept extremely high load steps without significant frequency and voltage deviations, overachieving ISO 8528-5 performance class G2 and G3 and offering block load acceptance according to NFPA 110.

Full Flexibility

The mtu Series 2000 portfolio offers the best solution for all kinds of applications and requirements.

Highest and fastest availability

Mission-critical systems require fast-start capability and one-step load acceptance. That’s why we have designed our systems to offer more available power within only a few seconds. We offer industry leading load factors up to 100% for data centers, up to 85% for standby and up to 75%

for prime power applications, exceeding the established industry norms. This way, we can deliver sophisticated power solutions with even more actual available power than other manufacturers with the same nominal power — whatever the circumstances.

Excellent load acceptance

In case of an emergency, our mtu Series 2000 generator sets will provide their full electrical power within a few seconds – synchronized to the grid, to another power source or to other gensets in parallel. They are capable of accepting extremely high load steps in the highest grade electricity without major frequency or voltage deviations. Overachieving ISO 8528-5 performance claas G2 and G3 as well as 100% block load acceptance according to NFPA 110 requirements.

Extremely fast load acceptance

Higher load steps possible for fast availability

Minimal frequency and voltage deviations

Full flexibility

The mtu Series 2000 portfolio offers the best solutions for all kinds of applications and requirements. With its outstanding low-load operation capability it guarantees superior fuel savings in combination with renewables to reduce CO2 emissions while still ensuring a stable grid. This makes the mtu Series 2000 gensets a perfect match for large solar-PV hybrid applications and microgrids. The gensets are grid-code certified according to VDE-AR-4110 and therefore fulfil all requirements for grid stabilization, demand response, control reserve and peak shaving applications.

Lower fuel costs

Lower CO2 emissions

Highest grid availability

Increased grid availability

Grid code certified

Power generation systems connected to the public grid are required to meet guidelines. In Germany they are set by BDEW (German Association of Energy & Water Industries). The mtu Series 2000 is the first genset in its performance class to be certified according to grid code VDE-AR-N 4110. It complies with all the association’s requirements for power grid operation. Grid codes specify performance expectations on generator sets and their associated components. This allows our customers to feed the power they generate into the public grid – while contributing to stable power network operating conditions.

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