The Series 4000 R03


Wherever there are tracks — you will find mtu.

Across Siberia‘s icy wilderness. Through desert sandstorms. In the scorching Australian outback. Up extreme gradients. All over the world, mtu Series 4000 diesel engines haul heavy freight trains over difficult and rugged terrain. But they also haul high speed passenger trains. And never complain. All part of a day‘s work for over 90 years now. It is no surprise that some 20,000 rail engines have been sold to 240 customers in over 70 countries.

Full Power on Rail.

We listen closely to our customers' needs and find the drive system that is right for them. mtu engines are compact so they are easy to install and maintain. They deliver the maximum power required combined with a relatively low weight. The benefit of such an outstanding power-to-weight ratio is the reduced weight of the locomotive, which means less stress on the rails and the superstructure. When you choose an mtu rail engine for a passenger or freight locomotive, you never compromise on safety and reliability. The Series 4000 R03 engine has been designed and built to overcome the special demands placed on rail  vehicles in all conditions and meets the highest standards in terms of quality, workmanship and performance.

This explains why the Series 4000 engines are among the toughest engines available today with over 600 million operating hours completed on regular scheduled services to date. At the same time, long maintenance intervals, maintenance-friendly concepts and low specific consumption rates keep life-cycle costs low – key factors for the cost-effective operation of rail vehicle fleets.  mtu has developed Powerline as a modular system designed specifically to get the best out of the engine at all times.  

It controls, monitors  and displays all the functions of the rail vehicle‘s drive system on the driver‘s console, such as key operating data, engine speed, oil pressure and coolant temperature - plus more key components if required. Powerline is backed by the Capacitor Power System (CaPoS), a reliable and maintenance-free engine starter system with enhanced cold-start capabilities, a compact design and a service life that is five times longer than a conventional starter battery, yet significantly lighter in weight. mtu‘s Powerline system delivers whatever power you need, whenever you need it, right from startup.    


Over 20,000 engines running reliably all over the world

3,300 kW

Up to 3,300 kW (20V 4000 R63L)


240 customers in over 70 countries



Turbocharging enables mtu engines to achieve low fuel consumption and high power output over a wide speed range. Our turbochargers are built to last and are designed specifically to comply with the demands rail engines are required to meet. In addition to that, they also ensure a long TBO, plus short maintenance times and costs.

Common Rail Fuel Injection

In 1996, as the first and only off-highway engine manufacturer to do so, mtu began to use common rail systems. Now in its fourth generation, this key proven technology has been constantly enhanced and refined to ensure that mtu engines will continue to set the standards in terms of fuel economy and low emissions in the years ahead.

Electronic Engine Management

Our electronic components, which are developed in-house, constitute a robust modular system for rail applications to ensure that all drive system components interact perfectly. And to ensure that our engines remain as powerful, economical and environmentally friendly as when they were first built – throughout their entire service life.

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