Human and Environmental Rights

Our commitment and obligation to protect human rights and the environment

Protecting human rights and the environment is a high priority for us at Rolls-Royce Power Systems. It is our claim, goal and obligation to respect human rights and protect the environment. We expect the same from our suppliers. We are continuously working to improve working conditions for people - both on our own premises and in our supply chain. We are taking measures to ensure that both we and our suppliers protect the environment.

“We are committed to upholding human and environmental rights and team up with our suppliers and partners to promote safety, well-being and a healthy environment for our workers and the workers and communities impacted by our supply chain.”

Matthias Hille - Human Rights Officer Rolls-Royce Power Systems

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Global Code of Conduct

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Global Supplier Code of Conduct

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Declaration of Principle

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Report violations to us

Employees as well as external third parties (e.g. customers, suppliers or other external parties) can use our Speak-Up Line to report possible compliance violations by Rolls-Royce Power Systems, its employees or suppliers. This can be done confidentially in several languages, by phone or via an online form.


Matthias Hille Human Rights Officer Rolls-Royce Power Systems