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mtu EnergyPack

The scalable hybrid drilling solution

Drilling for oil and gas at remote locations and under extreme conditions requires operating equipment that is highly versatile, reliable and safe. By storing remaining electricity from gensets operating in optimum load profile and delivering it when needed, the mtu EnergyPack improves power supply reliability at virtually any onshore drilling site.  

As a scalable hybrid drilling power solution, it is ideally suited for all types of drilling operations. Combined with the support of mtu's unrivaled global service network and extensive oil and gas industry expertise, the mtu EnergyPack helps you optimize your load profile, productivity and your profitability.

100 %

Utilize 100% of your power generation assets

1 System

mtu EnergyPack can be integrated with existing power generation solutions

40 ft

Containers fully contained with fire suppression, remote monitoring and configuration options

Key Features

High Power Density

With its extremely compact design and small footprint, the mtu EnergyPack is ideally suited for oil and gas drilling projects with logistical restrictions and limited space that want a guaranteed power supply and immediate backup power when and where it is needed. By running generators at optimal load profiles, surplus energy can be fed to the batteries, which can then be used to compensate load peaks.

Plug-and-Play Ready

The mtu EnergyPack is highly mobile and plug-and-play ready for fast, easy installation at reduced setup times and costs.

Ultra-fast Response

Bringing power on-stream immediately, it provides fast response capability for improved power supply, frequency response (up to 1.5 ms on inductive loads) and backup applications. The mtu EnergyPack responds to frequency changes within milliseconds, feeding power when frequency drops and absorbing power from existing generators when frequency rises.

Scalable to Size

The mtu EnergyPack can be easily adapted to individual power storage requirements (500 kW, 1,0 MW and 2,0 MW)

Comprehensive Safety Features

The multi-level safety concept monitors batteries, fire alarms and extinguishing systems.

Digital Connectivity

An onboard data logger provides access to digital mtu service solutions such as remote monitoring and fast reliable support as well as upcoming features such as predictive failure prevention and operational optimization.

Improved Working Environment

The mtu EnergyPack operates at low noise levels, contributing to a safer, cleaner, more comfortable overall working environment and can also be used as an excellent standalone solution for the lighting of accommodation and campsites.

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