Power Generation

Microgrid & Hybrid Solutions

Microgrid solutions help sustain the future of energy and ensure reliable power supplies to meet customer demands.
Power Generation

Microgrid & Hybrid Solutions

Microgrid solutions help sustain the future of energy and ensure reliable power supplies to meet customer demands.
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Power Generation

Microgrid & Hybrid Solutions

Microgrid solutions help sustain the future of energy and ensure reliable power supplies to meet customer demands.
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Economic growth and growing populations are changing customers’ demand for power. Governments and industry are moving towards renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power. At the same time, advancements in digitalization have already transformed many industries. Microgrids and hybrid systems meet the growing demand for more flexible, sustainable and cost-effective solutions. 

Whether you are operating infrastructure services or public institutions, or running a commercial business, mtu microgrid solutions offers a wide variety of applications and service products, each individually designed to meet your specific needs.

Energy cost optimization

By lowering fuel consumption and electricity costs, you can reduce overall operating costs while ensuring reliability of supply.

New revenue streams

By having a mix of energy sources available locally, you can serve off-grid customers, provide grid services and improve the marketability of  renewable energies.

Security & quality of supply

Avoid power interruptions and reduce fuel dependency by switching seamlessly to alternative energy sources.

One-stop-shop solution provider

Services ranging from expert analysis and simulation of your energy data, financing services, engineering, manufacturing and installation to operation and maintenance.

Access to power

Secure high-quality access to electricity in remote areas​ or wherever grid capacity is limited, and support electric vehicle charging in urban areas.

CO2 avoidance

Fulfill your organization’s environmental initiatives by increasing the use of solar and wind power, providing green products and services to customers​ to meet their increased awareness of sustainability issues.

Reliable, sustainable and economical energy solutions

Scalable solutions for every customer need.

Microgrid use case: a shopping center in Germany

How to cut energy costs by 42%

A microgrid solution that combines heat and power from a gas genset like the new mtu Series 500 with solar panels and a battery energy storage system can cut energy costs by 42%. How? Download the following use case and learn how you can:

  • Optimize your energy costs
  • Gain grid independence

Microgrid use case: an industrial manufacturer in Germany

How to cut operating costs by up to 21%

Particularly for intensive manufacturing plants, saving on the energy bill can be a decisive factor for commercial competitiveness.  The following use case from the German manufacturing industry illustrates how a microgrid solution can enable up to 21% in energy cost savings. Two scenarios are thereby highlighted. Download the technical article and learn how you can significantly reduce your energy costs:

  • By producing and using cheaper energy from photovoltaics and gas 
  • By reducing demand charges and maximizing self-sufficiency with an energy storage system

Microgrid use case: an EV charging hub in Germany

How to increase your grid independence

On-grid electricity tariffs in Germany rank among the highest in the world. As the following use case demonstrates, electric vehicle (EV) fast charging hubs along Autobahns equipped with renewable energy solutions can increase their grid independence and reduce energy consumption by up to 12%. The technical article below for download highlights two scenarios:

  • A photovoltaic (PV)-only installation
  • A combination of PV and battery energy storage system (BESS)

Microgrid use case: a mine in Australia

How to lower both energy costs and environmental impact

Electricity makes up a significant share of a mine’s operating costs. Renewable energy solutions such as photovoltaics (PV) and an battery energy storage system (BESS) can lower energy costs by as much as 53% – along with the environmental footprint. How? The following use case of a mine in Australia offers two scenarios. Download the technical article below and discover how:

  • A PV-only plant can greatly reduce utility grid dependence
  • A combined PV and BESS can lead to optimized energy cost savings

Microgrid product portfolio

Optimum set-up to help with microgrid and storage projects.

mtu EnergyPack

Our mtu EnergyPack Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is a key component for improving the reliability and profitability of microgrids and energy systems. It stores electricity from any distributed power source – such as gensets, wind turbines, or solar panels – and delivers it when needed. The mtu EnergyPack is a scalable all-in-one solution.

mtu microgrid controller

The mtu microgrid controller integrates generation, storage and demand seamlessly. It optimizes the production and use of power supplies to meet your specific requirements, whether your priority is cost, carbon footprint or availability.

Diesel generator sets

Superior low load operation capability and excellent load acceptance makes mtu diesel systems a perfect fit for flexible operation within microgrids. Also, the best-in-class power density provides a high margin of safety in case backup power is called for.

Gas generator sets

Efficient fuel utilization and economic lifecycle cost make mtu gas systems a sustainable energy source for microgrids. Fast, flexible response to load changes and low load operation capability support a combination of renewable energy sources. With the given fuel flexibility across different gases (natural gas, biogas or other gases), site-specific gas conditions can be catered for. 
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mtu Microgrids

Learn about microgrid solutions, benefits, technologies and examples of successful global installations.

Microgrid solutions for multiple applications

mtu microgrid solutions range from stand-alone battery storage to fully integrated hybrid systems.

Demand charge reduction

Reduce your grid stability power demand by storing power and/or using gensets to lower demand charges which are typically based on the single highest grid stability power draw (in kW) per year. 

EV charging integration

Enable business cases concerning electrification of the transportation sector by providing extra power during certain periods when charging of multiple vehicles exceeds the grid capacity. Match local renewable energy generation and car charging to provide true green charging.

Frequency regulation services

Provide services to grid system operators – via utility companies or energy traders – such as frequency containment reserve, frequency restoration reserve, etc. to support grid frequency.

Genset dispatch optimization

Reduce your genset runtime and boost genset efficiency by providing spinning reserve from batteries and intelligent load sharing between gensets and batteries whenever gensets are in operation.

Genset flexibilization

Enable your gensets to accept large load steps and bridge startup times by adding battery storage. In this way, a genset power plant can be upgraded for off-grid operation or backup power.

Grid limitation management

Overcome consumer-side limitations on desired load increase (e.g. factory expansion) due to limited grid connection capacities. Batteries and/or gensets can cover your additional grid stability power loads.

Off-grid energy supply

Provide electricity in areas where no grid is available, or reduce your fuel consumption (and hence electricity costs) for existing power plants in off-grid settings by adding renewable energy sources and storage.

Self-consumption & self-sufficiency

Put local power generation units such as solar arrays or CHP plants in place, and use your own power ‘behind the meter’ instead of feeding it into the grid. Increase your self-sufficiency even further by adding 
battery storage.

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Microgrid Solutions

Microgrids are decentralized energy systems consisting of a combination of renewable power generation, power storage and conventional power generation in order to meet a given demand.

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Power Generation Solution Guide

Diesel Generator Sets, Gas Generator Sets and Energy Storage

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Power Generation

Diesel Generator Sets

Top level performance, robust design and optimal fuel consumption. With six different ratings for flexible decentralized energy.

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Power Generation

Combined Heat & Power (CHP/CCHP)

Whether it is continuous, standby or prime power, power generation or combined heat and power production (CHP), mtu gas generator sets are effective, dependable and configured to meet your exact requirement.

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mtu EnergyPack

Scalable all-in-one microgrid solution for mining.

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