Sifer 2005: mtu Presented Powerful Eco-Friendly Rail Drive Units

Posted on March 15, 2005

From March 15 to 17, 2005, MTU Friedrichshafen has presented modern drives for diesel locomotives and power cars at Sifer, the French Rail Convention in Lille.
  • Large order from France: 400 Power Modules for SNCF 475000 series locomotive
  • Power Module in the Siemens “Eurorunner” ER 20 locomotive
  • Entry into the UK locomotive market with the 4000 series

From March 15 to 17, 2005, MTU Friedrichshafen has presented modern drives for diesel locomotives and power cars at Sifer, the French Rail Convention in Lille. In line with the requirements of operators, the drives display excellent performance coupled with low emission values. The highlight of the exhibit at the convention is the 4000 engine series for driving diesel locomotives, which is available in versions with 8, 12, 16 and 20 cylinders. It is one of the world’s strongest rail drives in its class, and is certified according to the international emission standard UIC 624. A large order for new vehicles from SNCF, the French state railways company, is one of the recent successes that mtu has achieved with the 4000 series.

400 Power Modules for SNCF 475000 Series Locomotive

SNCF, the French state railways company, has ordered 400 heavy-duty locomotives from the Alstom/Siemens consortium. The first locomotives are expected to go into operation from 2006. For powering the diesel-electric locomotives of the 475000 series, mtu is supplying the required Power Modules. In addition, there is an option for up to 110 more units. These Power Modules are complete drive units that consist of one 16V 4000 engine with 2000 kW power output as well as a three-phase generator. The Power Module is an example of mtu’s high level of system expertise. In addition to the engine, the company also supplies a tailored system solution that includes electronic engine management, engine peripherals and the engineering for integrating the engine into the locomotive in terms of mechanics and electronics.

Another major order from SNCF, on which work started last year, relates to a repowering project. 69 diesel-electric BB66000 multi-purpose locomotives are each to be equipped with a 12V 4000 engine at the SNCF works. The engine has a power output of 1040 kW at 1500 rpm. With this order, there is a further option for repowering up to 300 locomotives.

Power Module in the Siemens “Eurorunner” ER 20 Locomotive

Another example of the successful deployment of the Power Module is the diesel-electric locomotive ER 20 (“EuroRunner 20”) from Siemens Transportation Systems. Over 120 of these diesel-electric locomotives are already successfully in operation in Austria, Germany and Asia. The first vehicles were put into service in 2002 by the Austrian State Railway (ÖBB) as part of a major procurement project involving 100 locomotives. As part of the largest modernization program at ÖBB, the ER 20 facilitates the railway company’s entry into the liberalized European railway markets and is deployed on the ancillary network and in cross-border traffic between Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Hungary. Siemens designed the ER 20 in such a way that it can meet the various national requirements.

Entry into the UK Locomotive Market with the 4000 Series

mtu has reached a milestone in its locomotive business with an order from the UK. For repowering two power cars of an HST (high-speed train), mtu supplied two 16V 4000 engines with 1680 kW power output. This gives the push-pull train a speed of around 200 km/h. The order has given mtu a foothold in the UK rail market, thus further expanding its rail activities in Europe. The rail operator First Great Western (FGW) opted for the 4000 series on the basis of the low lifecycle costs, the high degree of reliability and the low exhaust and noise emissions. After successful testing, a further 40 to 60 power cars are to be successively retrofitted.