Success for Tognum’s gas turbine business

Posted on August 04, 2010

Tognum, the specialist for propulsion and power solutions, is driving forward its gas turbine business with orders from two German service-providers in the energy sector.

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  • Gas turbine plants for two German energy companies
  • Total order worth around €40 million
  • Boost for mtu Onsite Energy systems business

Friedrichshafen/Augsburg, 4 August 2010. Tognum, the specialist for propulsion and power solutions, is driving forward its gas turbine business with orders from two German service-providers in the energy sector. Each contract covers the supply of a gas turbine plant under license from General Electric and includes design, assembly and commissioning of the plants. The turbines, which will generate both power and heat, will go into service with the energy and infrastructure service-provider HSE in Darmstadt and with ‘Versorgungs- und Verkehrsgesellschaft Saarbrücken mbH’ (VVS). The combined value of the two orders is around €40 million. Along with other items, Tognum will supply the gas turbines as well as gear transmission units, generators, air supply systems and control plants.
“Climate change and the increased global demand for energy mean that gas turbines are becoming increasingly important”, said Christof von Branconi, member of the Tognum executive board with responsibility for the business unit Onsite Energy & Components. “The high quality of our products coupled with our cross-project systems expertise were major factors in our customers’ decisions.” Among the key reasons behind the decisions to award the contracts to Tognum were the high efficiency ratings of the gas turbines, flexible power adaption characteristics and the availability of individual solutions tailored precisely to the customers’ needs.
Tognum will supply one plant with two General Electric LM6000 turbines for HSE’s gas turbine facility in Darmstadt during the second quarter of 2011. HSE subsidiary, Entega, is one of Germany’s leading providers of green electricity. Over the next five years, HSE will be investing €1.3  billion in developing renewable energy resources with the aim of increasing the sustainability of power supplies. The company will be underpinning its investment with a gas turbine power plant scheduled to come on line in spring 2012. Each of the gas turbines will generate 50  MW at an electrical efficiency rating of over 40 percent.
The combined heat and power (CHP) plant for VVS in Saarbrücken will use a smaller Type LM2500 turbine from General Electric. Due to go into service from the beginning of 2012, the plant will generate electricity and heat efficiently utilizing environmentally-friendly technology. The 32  MW of electricity produced will be fed into the public grid whilst the 33  MW of thermal energy remaining downstream of the waste-heat boiler and the steam turbine will supply the centralized heat generation grid operated by ‘Stadtwerke Saarbrücken AG’, a subsidiary of VVS. The electrical efficiency of the CHP plant is around 45 percent whilst its fuel utilization rating stands at over 85 percent.
Its business with gas turbines from General Electric constitutes the fourth pillar in Tognum’s Onsite Energy division. The company also supplies distributed power plants based on diesel and gas engines as well as fuel cells. The applications covered range from emergency standby, peak power and continuous power to combined heat, cooling and power generation.
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