Sustainable power that matters

Preventing further global warming while ensuring prosperity, comfort, and economic wellbeing is a huge undertaking for everyone involved. Safeguarding tomorrow’s mobility and energy supplies in a carbon-neutral way will require conquering uncharted technical territory and going down new roads. At Rolls-Royce, we're rising to this challenge with a passion. We're exploring the use of sustainably produced fuels to power our traditional products and investing in innovative new products such as fuel cells to achieve a carbon-neutral future.  In 2050, we want to be climate-neutral – we have set this out in our sustainability program Net Zero at PowerSystems.    

Sustainable fuels – delivering power and energy that's clean and green 

Green hydrogen – i.e. hydrogen from carbon-neutral production sources – is the key to this future. It can be used directly as a fuel for fuel cells or hydrogen engines, or as a basis for synthetic fuels such as e-methanol or e-diesel, that are produced using additional green energy.
We're addressing the entire hydrogen ecosystem – from production and storage of hydrogen to downstream processing and use in fuel cells or hydrogen-fueled combined heat and power plants. Our customers can rely on integrated mtu total solutions from a single provider.

Sustainable energy and propulsion solutions – also featuring combustion engines

Internal combustion engines running on fossil diesel or natural gas emit CO2, which increases the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere. But what if the CO2 emitted by the engines was taken out of the air beforehand? Operation of these engines would then be carbon-neutral (i.e. net zero). That's why, looking to the future, we're focusing on combustion engines powered by sustainable e-fuels or 2nd generation biofuels. In other words, when the engine is run on such fuel, the only things being released into the air are things that were previously taken out of it to make the fuel in the first place.  To use the engines as efficiently as possible, we also integrate them into complex hybrid drive systems and entire power generation networks. At the same time, we're developing fuel cell solutions in order to produce zero-emission electricity even more efficiently.  

STORY Power Generation

Hydrogen – making combustion engines green

Rolls-Royce is developing hydrogen combustion engines to generate power in stationary applications. Here we peek behind the scenes to see when these will be available on the market and what role they're set to play in conjunction with fuel cells and electrolyzers.

by Lucie Maluck

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STORY Corporate

“What we need is security of investment”

"If we don't solve the climate crisis, we're going down," predicts UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. mtu technologies can make the world greener if the framework conditions are right. An interview with Andreas Görtz, head of Rolls-Royce's Sustainable Power Solutions business unit.

by Lucie Maluck

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STORY Industrial

Sustainable fuels: E-Diesel and HVO make mtu engines (almost) climate-neutral

Up to 100 percent lower CO2 emissions, yet the same amount of power: synthetic diesel fuels make a major contribution to climate protection. Which mtu engines can already run on these fuels today?

by Lucie Maluck

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STORY Commercial Marine

Green methanol for mtu marine engines

Heading for the future with e-methanol: Rolls-Royce develops high-speed mtu methanol engines as a game-changer for climate-friendly shipping.

by Peter Thomas

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