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We supply far more than just best-in-class propulsion systems.  

Whether for defense and protection, combat, or support, military vehicles fulfill many mission-critical functions and tasks. Our engines and propulsion systems are designed for peak performance. Our portfolio of engine and propulsion system solutions spans the complete spectrum of military vehicles.  

With over 60 years of experience in designing and developing propulsion systems for  almost all types of military vehicles, our systems are trusted and proven – all over the world.

Technology experts

We are a leader in cutting-edge technological development with our engine and propulsion systems. Maximizing power density is just one of our many core competencies and areas of innovation.

Engineering specialists

Engineering is our passion. We spend every day working closely with our customers to deliver best-in-class propulsion solutions – from standard and simple to customized and complex.


Customizing propulsion systems and optimally integrating engines, transmissions, cooling, electrical power, and air filtration systems, electronics, and software requires extensive experience and know-how.

Reliable partners

Defense partnerships are special. Close collaborations with our clients paired with our in-depth understanding for the specific demands of diverse military applications enable us to develop solutions that best suit every individual need.

System suppliers

Whether for light 4×4 wheeled vehicles or heavy main battle tanks, for highly customized solutions or retrofit integration on existing vehicles, we deliver complete propulsion systems that fully meet your expectations.

Military specification

Whatever the specific military requirements call for, we fulfill them with excellence. And we have decades of experience with military and government standards around the world.

Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)

We also offer customized packages of integrated Logistics Support (ILS) with a wide range of products and services. This includes e.g.: systems analysis, OEM spare parts supply, training, technical documentation.

A lifetime of strong support

We are committed to fully assisting you every step of the way, over the entire product lifetime.

The full power range.

Whether for light, medium or heavy military vehicles, wheeled or tracked, we deliver the full range of engines and systems.

Series 106

Highly compact and highly reliable are just some of the outstanding qualities of this six-cylinder inline configuration.

Series 1500

Our 6V 1500 is a six-cylinder inline model with the latest truck engine technology.

Series 199

Proven propulsion systems like the Series 199 uniquely combine cutting-edge technologies with economic benefits such as high fuel efficiency, low operating costs, and easy maintenance.

Series 880

The best heavy armored vehicles today are extremely mobile and designed to deliver optimal performance. To do so, our Series 880 engines fulfill these requirements in impressive fashion.

Series 890*

With their fully integrated, extremely light, and compact design, propulsion systems of the Series 890 set the benchmark for powering medium-sized military vehicles.

* projected development

mtu PowerPack®

Available on a Series 890, 880 and 199 engine. Compact, highly integrated and extremely flexible.

Need help finding the perfect product or system?

No problem at all. Let one of our expert advisors point you in the right direction.

mtu PowerPack ®


Decades of experience gained from numerous projects carried out around the world have led to extraordinary drive systems: the mtu PowerPacks®, consisting of engine, transmission, cooling system, air filtration, energy system, preheating equipment, power management, and vehicle integrated features. Compact, highly integrated, and extremely flexible, this drive solution can be precisely tailored to the respective vehicle and mission profile.  Also available: mtu PowerPack® based on a Series 880 and Series 199 engine. The most powerful PowerPack for heavy vehicles.


  • All drive system designs and components come from a single source, ensuring that each component is perfectly integrated.
  • From the project start, we are the single contact and partner for logistics and service.
  • We collaborate with vehicle manufacturers to perfectly integrate subsystems during the mtu PowerPack® development phase.

Advanced Propulsion System Technologies

Hybrid turbo charger

Significant hybrid advancement - electrically assisted charging marks a milestone in the hybridization of engines and propulsion systems, a field in which we have extensive experience. E-charging leads the way for the development of even more agile and fuel-efficient military vehicles. The system increases the acceleration capability of engines and load response capabilities while reducing fuel consumption and emissions.       


  • The powerful magnet situated upstream of the compressor rotor wheel enables faster charge air pressure buildup.
  • The electrical winding is integrated into the compressor housing.
  • Through the large gap between the magnet and   winding, air intake is unobstructed to better cool the electrical components.       

Advanced Propulsion System Technologies

Hybrid system solutions

Integrating two power systems into one. We have extensive experience in the hybridization of land defense vehicles. We offer a complete portfolio of highly integrated hybrid propulsion system solutions specifically designed for military vehicles. The transmission combines the diesel engine with a newly developed e-propulsion module.

Advantages of hybrid solutions in military applications:

  • Silent operation modes (e.g. silent move and silent watch) offer tactical advantages.
  • Lower fuel consumption: peak power is supported by electric supply, enabling recuperation of energy during driving and braking.
  • Integrated flywheel motor for hybrid propulsion. Can be used as the main drive when the vehicle needs to operate as quietly as possible.     
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