Manage your train’s drive system and keep everything under control with the powerline automation system.

Powerline is mtu’s automation system for train drive units. It represents a step forward towards a bright new future of technology for rail vehicles.  The powerline automation system makes the integration of the engine into the locomotive a simple process.  

As you would expect from mtu, control, regulation and monitoring are all part of the package that comes with the powerline system. What is more, because of the optimized interface technology, the engine is also quick and easy to install.

Save time

Quick and easy to install, so you can focus on your operations.

You are in control

Gives you control over your locomotive.

Smart technology

Cutting-edge innovation helps you to improve efficiencies.

Load-change support

Allows you to deal with extreme loads and sudden load changes easily.

Powerline for new locomotives or repowering with Series 4000.

Advanced Diesel Engine Control (ADEC) System

ADEC (Advanced Diesel Engine Control) is an engine control system for Series 1600, 4000 R03/R04. It has been developed and produced by mtu specifically for use with the very latest in high-performance diesel engine technology. It is ideal for the management of frequent extreme loads and sudden load changes, which can be overcome effortlessly and smoothly using this system. Important features include a component mounted on and wired into the engine, an integrated control and monitoring system, fuel-optimized output regulation, and more besides.

POM (Power Output Module) for Series 4000 R03/R04

POM is a module with an actuating function for the starter motor and alternator. It comes with a component mounted on the engine, optimization of the start-up process (starter motor monitoring with engaging function), alternator function monitoring, line break and short-circuit monitoring, and many other features.

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mtu PowerControl Automation is a modern interface module with cutting-edge design and optimum connectivity.

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