Tognum shows young people the future

Posted on May 03, 2010

The specialist for propulsion and power solutions Tognum was an object of study at the weekend for 125 young people from all over Germany

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•       125 “Young Leaders” from Germany experience new prospects in propulsion and energy
•       Tognum plays host to young professionals of the future

Friedrichshafen, 3 May 2010. The specialist for propulsion and power solutions Tognum was an object of study at the weekend for 125 young people from all over Germany. Tognum’s “1st Youth Future Forum” in Friedrichshafen brought young people from 16 to 22 years of age together to let them experience how a global technology company group like Tognum faces the challenges of the future. The participants had to include proof in their application to attend the forum that they were concerned about the future and wanted to become actively involved in shaping it. From a total of 1,300 applicants, 125 young people were subsequently chosen who have already taken on responsibility at a young age – as school representatives, for example, or editors of school newspapers, in local clubs or charity organisations. Tognum’s Youth Future Forum was run by “Young Leaders”, an organisation that presents future prospects with social responsibility to young people and one that has been collaborating successfully with well-known companies in this sector on a national and international scale for more than 30 years.

To take on an exciting and interesting job in a group of companies with an international focus like Tognum could hold prospects for the future, because the ability to provide innovative and intelligent solutions to propulsion and energy issues is becoming increasingly important. “We would like to interest young people in business sectors like ours early on, because they develop their ideas on their careers and where they would like to work or not like to work during their final years at school. They are looking for direction at an early stage, while at the same time industry is looking for enthusiastic employees for the future who it hopes will enable companies and technology to work even more effectively for the benefit of mankind,” says Matthias Jobmann, Head of Human Resources at Tognum. “Anyone wishing to reach these young people must apply the right methods at the right time.“

How will I take a company into the future? How do I come up with products for the 22nd century? How will I sell products to my customers in the future? These and others, such as innovative corporate management and personnel management, were topics that the young people and young grown-ups looked at in-depth in the course of presentations and in talks with Tognum executives. What they learned from the decision-makers, including Deputy Chairman of Tognum’s Executive Board Joachim Coers, and what they discovered in their research, in the production halls and in workshops ended up in a newspaper, an Internet magazine and a TV programme. Four top journalists from Germany’s TV stations ARD, ZDF, WDR and the German newspaper FAZ had given them tips beforehand on how to use corporate communication tools. In a future workshop that was held late Saturday afternoon, they worked out their own ideas and expectations relating to the subject of companies and technologies of the future, work and team work in the company of the future, in addition to marketing and advertising in the future.

“It’s unbelievable with what determination and creativity the young people apply to shaping the future,“ said Matthias Jobmann, Head of Human Resources at Tognum at the end of the forum. “With their participation, they have already demonstrated one thing: team spirit combined with fun and dedication”.

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