Rolls-Royce will deliver 523 mtu engines manufactured in the UK for British Army’s Boxer MIV

Posted on August 15, 2022

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  • All Boxer Vehicles for the British Army to be powered by mtu engines from Rolls-Royce
  • Engine assembly, acceptance tests and painting done in at Rolls-Royce facility in East Grinstead, securing UK jobs  

Rolls-Royce will deliver a total of 523 mtu Series 199 engines for the Boxer Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV) for the British Armed Forces. Rolls-Royce business unit Power Systems recently signed contracts with its partners Krauss-Maffei Wegmann/WFEL and Rheinmetall Landsysteme/Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land covering the delivery of 523 engines between 2022 and 2030. Rolls-Royce will deliver engine components to its subsidiary Rolls-Royce Solutions UK where engine assembly, acceptance tests and painting will be done, sustaining new and existing jobs at the facility. Boxer MIV for the British Army will be the first version of the vehicle equipped with Rolls-Royce’s mtu 8V 199 TE21 engine, delivering 600 KW, 70 KW more than the mtu engines in previous versions of the vehicle. mtu engines will power all Boxer vehicles on order for the British Army: The British government recently ordered 100 additional Boxer vehicles for the British Army.

Andrew Munt, Boxer Programme Director for WFEL, said: “Boxer vehicle hull production is now well under way here at WFEL in Stockport. As we move into the vehicle assembly phase, we are delighted to contract with Rolls Royce for the supply of mtu engines.”

Colin McClean, Managing Director for RBSL, said: “RBSL is delighted to have secured further UK content for the Boxer programme together with long-term support for such a critical part.   The powerful mtu engine will be the heart of the British Army’s new Boxer vehicle. Rolls Royce are a welcome addition to the team.”    

Knut Müller, Vice President Global Governmental at Rolls-Royce business unit Power Systems said: “The Boxer MIV project is a very important part of the modernization of the British Army. To support this project, we have made a big effort to enable manufacturing of our proven mtu Series 199 engines in the UK for the first time. We are proud to contribute to the British Army’s mobility and agility with our engines made in Britain.”

David Eaton, Director – Governmental at Rolls-Royce Solutions UK, said: “We have been working energetically with our industry partners for a number of years to reach this point and are very much looking forward to delivering our engines to power these state-of-the-art, British-built infantry vehicles.”

Rolls-Royce’s mtu Series 199 engines have been setting the benchmark in their power range in terms of power density, performance and reliability. Engines of mtu Series 199 are the best-selling engines in their power range in the military application: More than 2,500 of these engines are in service with several armed forces. They have proven themselves in various armoured vehicles, among them the Spanish Pizarro, Austrian ULAN and Polish OPAL vehicles. They are also set to power additional vehicles of NATO nations, such as the British Army’s Ajax. Rolls-Royce is planning further development of the engine with a potential power output of up to 750 KW.  

Boxer MIV is one of the world’s most advanced wheeled armoured vehicles, offering outstanding mobility and protection. Boxer will form an integral part of the British Army’s Brigade Combat Teams capabilities. It is in service and on order with various NATO nations and Australia. One of its key characteristics is its modular set-up, consisting of a joint drive platform and different mission modules. The British Army will receive four different variants of Boxer, encompassing infantry carrier, specialist carrier, command post and ambulance vehicles. All Boxer vehicles for the British Army will be powered by mtu 8V 199 TE21 engines with a power output of 600 KW. Their increased power output allows for enhanced operational mobility and agility despite the vehicles’ higher weight due to improved protection. It also enables a higher electrical load. There are now two versions of the Boxer vehicle available to ideally fulfil the varying operational needs of customers, either powered by mtu Series 199 TE20 or TE 21 engines with a power output of 530 or 600 KW, respectively.

Most of the mtu engines for the Boxer MIV project will be manufactured at Rolls-Royce Solutions UK in East Grinstead. The Rolls-Royce subsidiary has been supporting naval, marine and rail projects for decades and has created a dedicated assembly cell for the Boxer MIV project. One of the test cells was also converted for use with the project. The program will support and secure up to 10 jobs at Rolls-Royce Solutions UK for years to come.    


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