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Passenger ship & ferry engines

Our propulsion systems for passenger ships and ferries are designed to ensure continuous heavy-duty service.

Around the world, large passenger ships, fast ferries and conventional ferries rely on mtu diesel and gas engines for uncompromising safety and economic performance.  mtu ferry engines cover  the full power range from 400 – 10,000 kW (Series 8000).  

Proven mtu marine engines combine low weight and compact size with high power and reliability – and unmatched availability. That’s why many shipping and ferry companies consistently choose us for the new construction of large and fast passenger ships and car ferries.

How to get the most out of your fleet

Ferries ensure a smooth flow in the daily mobility of millions of people. By significantly extending TBO intervals, an engine like the mtu Series 4000 M65L greatly helps to ensure fleet availability and profitability.

Use case: Minimize ferries life-cycle costs by maximizing TBO

How to boost the utilization of your fleet by up to 66% for seasonal tourist ferries and 69% for commercial passenger ferries.

Fleet availability and life-cycle costs are vital parameters for any marine operation, particularly for ferries. As the following use case demonstrates, a quality engine like the mtu Series 4000 M65L can positively impact both in a big way.

Learn how to:

  • Maximize ferries utilization
  • Extend time before overhaul
  • Minimize life-cycle costs

Download use case here:

Making Maintenance Wait

The Lake Constance ferry Lodi is one of the first vessels to benefit from one of our latest solutions: Extending the time between major overhauls. This extension not only reduces emissions, but also reduces downtime and saves costs over the entire lifecycle of the engine. Watch the video and download the use cases to see how ships can benefit.  

Maximum uptime

All systems are designed for maximum reliability and availability.

Low lifecycle costs

Effective operation, low fuel consumption and long service intervals.

Complete lifecycle solutions

Protect your investment with a full portfolio of mtu ValueCare products and services.

Worldwide network

More than 1,200 service centers provide support anywhere, anytime.

Green technology

A pioneer in developing environmentally friendly engines and reducing emissions.

Proven and trusted

mtu propulsion systems are widely respected by owners across the globe.


More than 40 years of experience supplying high-quality products.

Digital solutions

Make better decisions faster with a full range of digital tools.

Compact solutions

Exceptional power-to-weight ratio offers flexibility and easy integration.

Complete scope of supply

We offer complete system solutions for drive and propulsion, automation and service.

Technical documentation

Complete, clear information minimizes re-engineering hours and makes installation easy.

Expert engineering support

Providing extensive analysis, risk mitigation services and integrated interfaces.

Market leader

We have been developing and building marine propulsion units for nearly a century.

Complete support

Engineering and technical support reduces design, installation and commissioning costs.

Deliberate design

Deliberate design for basic maintenance away from the engine driving end.

Trained and proficient

Thousands of service technicians, engineers and operators have attended mtu Training Centers.


Learn from the brightest shipping minds

The experts at the first mtu Virtual Marine Summit talked about a sustainable future for marine ecosystems. Watch all presentations with insights, trends and challenges here.

Need help finding the perfect product or system?

No problem at all. Let one of our expert advisors point you in the right direction.

Commercial Marine

Special missions of a service nomad

by Lucie Maluck

It took just 4 ½ weeks for Melik Meddur and his team to perform a major overhaul of the three Series 8000 units powering the ferry HSC Condor Liberation, operated by British operator Condor Ferries. They did the job with the engines in-situ, i.e. in the engine room itself. Quite a feat, but by no means a premiere for Melik. So what's life like for him as a Rolls-Royce 'service nomad'?

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Commercial Marine

Ship of the year sails with mtu

by Lucie Maluck

Thanks to their unparalleled maneuverability and low emissions, two mtu-powered American tugs have won the "Workboat of the Year" award.

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Commercial Marine

"The gas engines purr quietly like kittens"

by Lucie Maluck

It has something of a premiere atmosphere: Europe's first inland ferry powered by a high-speed pure gas engine is about to go into operation on Lake Constance. It is still being diligently tested.

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Commercial Marine

Halunder Jet now safer and more efficient – thanks to NautIQ

by Lucie Maluck, Anne-Katrin Wehrmann

The mtu NautIQ Foresight equipment health management system is ensuring the Halunder Jet catamaran can shuttle back and forth between Hamburg and Heligoland with maximum uptime and minimum fuel consumption.

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Digital Solutions for Marine Applications

Modern engine management systems handle the control and monitoring of the hardware and enable perfection of performance. The right combination of power and precision.

mtu Propulsion Configurator

Adjust parameters as appropriate for your ship and your emissions targets, and we will show you the perfect configuration.

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Commercial Marine

Marine Gensets

mtu ship generators come in a wide variety and with customizable elements, enabling you to find a solution that is just right for your needs.

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Automation & control systems

Controlling power with intelligent electronics. As a systems supplier, we not only provide you with the perfect propulsion system, but also with automation systems that are adjustable to fit your needs.

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