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Compact, Complete And Efficient: MTU PowerPacks for Railcars

MTU PowerPacks with Series 1800 and 1600 are innovative and complete drive systems that combine all drive components within a single operational unit in one supporting frame. They were designed specifically for underfloor and roof installation and are notable for their particularly flat, compact construction. That way every MTU PowerPack can be individually configured. MTU offers railcar equipment for diesel-electric and diesel-mechanical power transmission.

With our expertise as a systems supplier – one that offers complete drive technology for your railcars from a single source – we can easily adjust our complete, highly compact systems, including automation, to your individual needs. Integration into the vehicle and expansion of maintenance goals are quick and easy with our Plug & Play configuration.

Everything from one source

Attuning all drive components to each other perfectly including automation.

The Plug & Play configuration

Allows for quick, uncomplicated installation and removal for maintenance purposes.

Standardization and reduced expenses

Installing MTU PowerPacks enables better cost benefit.

Reduced overall weight

Of MTU PowerPack due to the system components' compact arrangement.

Monitoring and regulation

Of all functions with an electronic engine-management and automation system.

High degree of flexibility

Through system redundancy as a diesel-electric, diesel-mechanical, or diesel-hydraulic drive – with the automation solution adjusted to it.

Environmentally friendly

Tested technology, optimized combustion processes and SCR technology.

Meeting the Standard

MTU PowerPacks meet US EPA Tier 3, 4i, EU Stage IIIB and V standards.


Revolutionary Thinking

The MTU Hybrid PowerPack is the new generation of tried and tested PowerPacks. It is equipped with additional components and functions such as the use of power-dense electrical machines. The Hybrid PowerPack can easily be installed in the space under the floor. The modular design creates great flexibility in planning new vehicles with hybrid train engines or converting existing diesel trains. It satisfies all existing railway standards and can be arranged according to customer specifications.

Based on the hybrid train's specifications and the profile of the planned routes, MTU can simulate the lifecycle costs of specific projects. This means that we can design the perfect drive solution fitting your economical requirements. Together with you, we then determine an optimal concept based on your needs.

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