8% Fuel Savings

A recent Series 4000 repower at a Nevada gold mine resulted in $30,000 annual fuel savings.

Mining Solutions

MTU diesel engines are the standard in mining equipment at many opencast and underground mining operations around the globe.

MTU mining engines have a long history of proving themselves under extreme conditions. Day in and day out, they reliably power mining equipment such as blast hole drilling rigs, excavators and wheel loaders; mining vehicles such as haul trucks and other mining equipment—with diesel-mechanic, diesel-electric or diesel-hydraulic powertrains. MTU engines provide the highest performance, reliability and availability. In addition, long service intervals, maintenance-friendly design and an efficient use of fuel provide for exceptionally low operating costs.

Our diesel engines need to function 24/7 without fault. That is why we constantly test our engines in extreme temperatures and in the dust to guarantee reliable and profitable operation. Advanced combustion technology makes our engines more cost-efficient to operate, cleaner and quieter than most others. These benefits make a difference environmentally and economically.

Highest availability

Minimal downtime and maximum efficiency in 24/7 continuous use

Low lifecycle costs

Low maintenance, repair-friendly and long TBO intervals

Optimum solutions

Wide range of mining equipment for every opencast and underground mining application

Proven technology

Trusted worldwide, from one source as a system provider

How to drift a haul truck

Reducing Emissions while Reducing Fuel Consumption with our SCR System

MTUs solution for Underground Mining in Modikwa Platinum Mine

MTU wins long-term service contract for engines at Lumwana mine in Zambia

by Yvonne Wirth

30 MTU Series 4000 engines in operation in dump trucks in copper mine

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Minexpo 2016: MTU engines for EPA Tier 4 and Tier 4 interim

by Yvonne Wirth

MTU will be presenting diesel engines designed to meet Tier 4 interim and Tier 4 emission standards, including a full range of services, at MINExpo.

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by Chuck Mahnken

Mining minerals below ground is hard work. MTU engines make sure that the machinery can keep going in those conditions.

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Nimble mineworker

by Yvonne Wirth/Thorsten Block

Since 2016, a Bell B30E 4x4 has been working as a special-purpose vehicle at the natural-stone company Trierer Kalk-, Dolomit- und Zementwerke.

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MTU Series 4000. Legendary. Since 1996.

MTU Series 4000 engines were specifically designed to be powerful, universally deployable and yet efficient. Today, it’s carrying that legacy forward for mining operations and other tough applications.

The Series 4000 is our most successful product range. Since its introduction, more than 37,000 of these engines have proven how efficient and reliable they are. In the toughest applications, together they have accumulated about 180,000,000 hours of operation. With planned scheduled service intervals, numerous engines have been able to demonstrate more than 60,000 hours of operation.

MTU Series 4000 C05

Meets Enhanced Requirements

and reduces your installation and maintenance costs

No Aftertreatment Necessary

thanks to MTU's key engine technologies

Increased Power & Excellent Performance

even at altitudes up to 5,000 meters

Ensured Safety

due to an Insulated Exhaust System & Double Walled Fuel Lines

Improvement Overall

reduced fuel consumption with a consistently small overall size

Best Performance

Excellent transient behavior & rapid response to Engine Load

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Features & Benefits Series 4000

Series 4000 C01/C02

EPA Tier 1 compliant or fuel consumption optimized

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Series 4000 C03

EPA Tier 2 compliant or fuel consumption optimized

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Series 4000 C05

EPA Tier 4 final

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The world’s largest iron ore mine stays productive with Series 4000 engines

It’s a major challenge to keep up with the enormous, ever-growing workload at the Carajas Mine Complex. Owned by Vale, a large Brazilian mining company, Carajas is the world’s largest iron ore mine. Demands for productivity are constantly on the rise. Across its gigantic complex of open pits, Carajas Mine resembles a small city, bustling with non-stop activity. But there is efficiency and order to the chaos. While excavators, haul trucks and wheel loaders do the heavy lifting, conveyor belts whisk the material to processing units. Then, the ore is transported 554 miles by train to the port of Sao Luis. More than half of what Vale produces is loaded on cargo ships headed to China.

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Mining ValueCare Agreements

Whether it’s uptime or free time, making the most of every moment is what really matters. ValueCare Agreements give you the power, performance and peace of mind to do just that.

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Complete Lifecycle Solutions

MTU engines and systems are built to deliver robust, reliable performance. But our commitment to your success doesn’t end there. For peak performance, longer life and optimized costs, rely on MTU ValueCare - the only service portfolio designed specifically with your equipment in mind.

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To ensure your equipment is always up and running, choose genuine replacement parts.

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