Posted on September 02, 2016

Rolls-Royce will be presenting mtu diesel engines designed to meet Tier 4 interim and Tier 4 emission standards, including a full range of services, at MINExpo, the world‘s largest mining trade show, in Las Vegas from 26 to 29 September on Booth 8071.

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  • mtu Series 2000 for Tier 4 interim and 4000 engines for Tier 4 on display
  • Series 2000 and 4000 engines celebrate 20th anniversary
  • Model of a Rolls-Royce genset for the supply of electric power on show at MINExpo

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, GERMANY/LAS VEGAS, USA – Rolls-Royce will be presenting mtu diesel engines designed to meet Tier 4 interim and Tier 4 emission standards, including a full range of services, at MINExpo, the world‘s largest mining trade show, in Las Vegas from 26 to 29 September on Booth 8071. A Rolls-Royce genset, which can be used to supply electric power to remote mining locations, will be presented at MINExpo for the first time. The mtu brand is part of Rolls-Royce Power Systems.

mtu-Series 2000 for Tier 4 interim and 4000 for Tier 4

Rolls-Royce will be presenting on its stand a 12-cylinder mtu Series 2000 diesel engine which meets the US EPA Tier 4 interim emission standards. The product portfolio includes 12 and 16-cylinder versions of the mtu Series 2000 engine for mining applications that cover a power range extending from 783 to 1,163 kW and are available for EPA Tier 4 interim. They meet the US standards using exhaust gas recirculation technology (EGR), 2-stage turbocharging and common rail injection. A 12-cylinder mtu Series 4000 engine for EPA Tier 4 will also be on display. As 12, 16 and, if required, as 20-cylinder versions, this series covers a power range from 1,150 to 3,000 kW. The Series 4000 engines, like the Series 2000 engines, meet the EPA emission standards by means of EGR, 2-stage turbocharging and a common rail injection system. Exhaust gas aftertreatment is not necessary.

Bernd Krüper, Vice President Industrial Business at mtu, said: “mtu engines are known for their above-average service life (TBO), reliability and very good fuel efficiency. These features, particularly in mining, an application with an extremely high number of operating hours, provide operators with a significant economic benefit.” The mtu Series 2000 Tier 4 interim and 4000 Tier 4 engines can be integrated into vehicles very easily, since no additional space is required for an elaborate exhaust gas aftertreatment system, including the associated tank system. This also reduces the maintenance and service requirements. Since no SCR systems with urea solutions are necessary, there is also no need for an additional infrastructure in the mine.

mtu service solutions for mining applications

Engines used in mining applications in particular are exposed to the most extreme conditions imaginable: long operating hours, heavy loads, extremely dusty environment and harsh climatic conditions. mtu ValueCare offers operators an extensive service portfolio designed to extend the service life of engines and to maximise performance while optimising costs. The mtu ValueCare portfolio, in addition to fast response replacement parts supply and high quality consumables, such as coolants, engine oil and filters, also includes maintenance contracts designed specifically to meet the needs and requirements of the individual customer. With its reman programme, mtu provides fully refurbished products that provide customers with the same performance, quality and service life as new mtu products. mtu additionally provides remote services to support the effective operation of the customer’s systems and optimised maintenance services by making operational data and its evaluation available to customers on a web-based portal. mtu provides support throughout the entire life-cycle, even for traditional products such as the Detroit Diesel 2-stroke product line.

First delivered 20 years ago: mtu Series 4000 engines

20 years ago – in February 1996 – the first 16-cylinder Series 4000 engine was delivered to the mining equipment manufacturer Euclid, which today is owned by Hitachi, for one of its mining dump trucks. With the experience gained from 37,000 engines worldwide with a total of 180 million hours of operation in all kinds of applications, mtu is now working on the third generation of its common rail injection technology. The Series 2000 engine was also presented to the mining industry for the first time in 1996. To date, over 55,000 engines have been sold worldwide for every possible application.

Rolls-Royce brand genset on show at MINExpo for the first time

Rolls-Royce will be exhibiting a model of its 20-cylinder B35:40 genset at MINExpo for the first time. The natural gas driven Series B35:40 is available for the 60-Hz market as 12, 16 and 20-cylinder versions covering an electrical output range extending from 5,375 to 9,000 kW. The gensets, which are based on medium speed engines, due to their high output, are ideal for the generation of electric power in remote locations or mines.
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