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Modularized Generator Set

The ideal generator set comes from a close partnership and vast expertise.

The ideal generator set comes from a close partnership and vast expertise. We’ll work with you to develop a modularized system. Combining decades of oil and gas industry experience with unmatched engineering expertise we form powerful – and complete – solutions. Built to meet the demands of the offshore oil and gas industry, these complete systems deliver high performance, efficiency and reliability in extreme conditions. mtu diesel engines and systems are fully integrated and allow for easy serviceability. Everything is designed to work together, which prolongs preventive maintenance and overhaul intervals.  

All components, carefully selected from premium manufacturers, are engineered with the latest technology. System assembly takes place on specially equipped production lines to meet mtu’s high quality standard. And mtu systems solutions can be put to work quickly. Our systems undergo a full factory Acceptance Witness Test with accessories, completed on mtu test beds, to allow for fast and cost-effective installation.  

Modularized Generator Set
Exhaust System

1. Exhaust System

  • Exhaust silencers with spark arrestor
  • Exhaust gas cooler
Fuel System

2. Fuel System

  • Fuel pre-filters
  • Fuel tank (SS, CS)
Cooling System

3.  Cooling System

  • External mounted radiator cooler
  • Seawater heat exchanger
  • Pre-heater
Lube Oil System

4. Combustion air system

  • Special air filters for salt laden atmosphere
  • Combustion air silencer
  • Coalescer/water separator
Starting System

5. Lube oil system

  • Special oil sump designed for higher inclinations
  • Prelubrication pump
  • Automatic oil filter
Control Panel

6. Starting System

  • High performance electrical starters
  • Battery skid with breakers
  • Hydraulic starter
  • Air starter



7. Control Panel

  • Project specific contol panels
  • PLC Types, Siemens, ABB, Allen, Bradley, COMAP

8. Alternator

  • Project specific design
  • IP23-IP56
  • Water, air cooled
  • LV, MV, HV

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