MTU biogas-powered systems generate clean, economical and sustainable power, heat and cooling energy for agricultural farms, sewage and water treatment and landfills.
We are focused on developing and implementing system solutions for producing energy from climate-neutral regenerative fuels, such as combined heat and power systems (CHP) for biogas.

The principle of a CHP system based on biogas is simple: biogas is generated during the fermentation of organic material and is then collected. It is then used by a cogeneration system in order to create both heat and power to be used locally or fed into the national power grid. It represents a clean, economical and sustainable way to provide power.

A range of systems for the power you need

We offer a range of CHP systems with varying features and specifications.

Advanced and proven

50 Hz
220- 400 kWe
This smart Series 400 system is optimized for biogas use. Its combustion chambers ensure the highest performance level at this category. The system comes with MTU Module Control, a generator, ignition system, mixture cooler, crank-case ventilation and knock detection

Minimum space. Maximum efficiency

60 Hz
175 - 350 kWe
The biogas optimized system comes with crank-case ventilated combustion chambers, knock detection, an ignition system and of course the generator. In this category, the engine ensures enhanced performance rotating with a speed of 1800 rpm instead of 1500 rpm. Therefore, a gear box is not necessary. The MTU Module Control enables operating all auxiliary drives required for the CHP system

Great performance and flexibility

50 Hz
800 - 1,950 kWe
The optimized Series 4000 engine for biogas use ensures highest level of efficiency in this performance category due to the crank-case ventilated combustion chambers, the optimally tailored generator and the ignition system allowing the most efficient level of operation for all cylinders. Further, the knock detection and regulations protect the engine from abnormal operating conditions

Proven Efficiency

60 Hz
762 - 1,932 kWe
The optimized engine for biogas use provides a gear box optimally tailored to the engine and generator. Its combustion chambers ensure the highest performance level at this category and the system comes with an ignition system, mixture cooler, crank-case ventilation and knock detection.

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Power Generation

From Pig Farmer to Energy Producer: Biogas plants with MTU Series 400 engines

Pietro Bertesago rears pigs for the production of Parma ham. In 2008, he was the first farmer in the northern Italian province of Cremona to install a biogas plant and two years later, he introduced a second one. Both plants are based on MTU combined heat and power modules (CHP). The 12-cylinder, Series 400 engines each produce 282 kW of electrical power (kWel). The Italian government pays Bertesago 28 cents per kilowatt- hour — more than anywhere else in the world. Dairy farmer Giovanni Bertoni also has an MTU CHP plant which feeds around 250 kWel into the public grid around the clock.

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