One-stop system solution: mtu delivers power for Sunseeker’s new 155 yacht “Blush”

Posted on November 25, 2016

After two years of construction work and rigorous testing in the shipyard and on the high seas, the big moment finally came: in March 2014, the biggest vessel ever to be built by British yachtmaker Sunseeker was finally handed over to Eddie Jordan, former racing manager and Formula 1 team owner. At the heart of the 47-m semi-glider is an mtu propulsion system that can be relied on for relaxed days at sea.


Sunseeker International Ltd.


System solution based on Series 4000 units from mtu, including automation and on-board power systems


Powerful, cost-efficient drive for the MY “Blush”, Sunseeker‘s biggest yacht ever built


Poole, South England

Eddie Jordan‘s other Sunseeker yachts have already convinced him of the quality and performance of mtu‘s engines in everyday operation.

James Hall - Superyacht Sales Manager, Sunseeker Ltd.

Poole, South England — For over half a century now, Sunseeker has been developing and producing powerful motor yachts of over 12 meters (40 foot) length in its shipyard and its uncompromising approach to design, craftsmanship and performance has won the company global recognition. Its latest flagship — the 155-foot yacht — is its biggest project so far. “She will not be owned by many, but those that do will be buying a craft of exceptional style, quality and innovation,” said company founder Robert Braithwaite with regard to the new member in Sunseeker‘s product family.

mtu‘s fruitful partnership with Sunseeker

To allow it to fulfill the sophisticated requirements of its customers, the British yachtmaker‘s serial vessels offer possibilities for individual configuration. In the case of its 155-foot flagship, the company went a step further by giving the prospective owner of the prototype — racing manager and former Formula 1 team owner Eddie Jordan — the opportunity to add his own personal touch to the vessel. And that applied to the actual superstructure of the yacht as much as interior design and layout. So when it came to the propulsion system, his choice was mtu: “We have been working closely with mtu on yachts of 60 foot and over for some 12 years,” said James Hall, Superyacht Sales Manager from Sunseeker. In 2010, the yachtmaker awarded mtu its ‘Supplier of the Year’ accolade, with further commendations for high quality and excellence in cost-management and customer service. “Besides all that, Eddie Jordan‘s other Sunseeker yachts have already convinced him anyway of the quality and performance of these engines in everyday operation,” said Hall.

All from one source

As a systems supplier for yachts of all sizes, mtu provides complete, individually tailored packages including propulsion, gearbox, ship‘s automation and on-board power generation, and works closely with shipyards to develop costefficient system solutions. For Sunseeker‘s 155- foot yacht, mtu supplied two enhanced-power 12-cylinder units from the renowned Series 4000 family, complete with ship‘s automation for three control stations, ZF gearboxes and a fuel conditioning unit. For the first time, also included were two mtu branded 155-kilowatt on-board power gensets and a 55-kilowatt standby unit for on-board power.

Smooth and powerful

The power required for the propulsion of the new Sunseeker 155 is delivered by two mtu 12V 4000 M73L engines. Like all Series 4000 units, these engines are not only outstanding in terms of clean combustion, but are also extremely powerful while being compact — a critical factor on yachts that have to be able to ramp up to top speed quickly but only have limited space for a powerful propulsion system. Each engine boasts a rated power of 2,160 kilowatts at 2,050 rpm, enabling vessel speeds of up to 22 knots (41 km/h). Even when working at full load, the engines run very smoothly and display excellent acoustic properties. The electric power for onboard power and standby supply will be provided by mtu branded gensets built by Northern Lights. The onboard power gensets have double-resilient mountings and a noiseproof capsule muffling noise and vibrations so that the yachtsman and his guests can enjoy a thoroughly tranquil sojourn on board.

Fuel economy enables long distances

A total of 60,000 liters (15,850 US gallons) of fuel are contained in the four fuel tanks of the Sunseeker 155. Its excellent fuel economy, plus the yacht‘s specially designed hull which is optimized for travelling long distances at low speeds, enables the “Blush” to cover up to 4,000 nautical miles (7,400 km) at a stretch — making it suited even for transatlantic crossings.

mtu Series 4000 – advanced propulsion solution

Series 4000 units from mtu have long been deployed as powerful drives. Based on well proven key technologies that mtu develops in-house, the engines generate high torque, thus delivering an outstanding acceleration performance, even at low loads. Individual turbo-charger switch-in facilitates five travel modes with excellent ramp-up capabilities. The Common Rail fuel injection system operates at 1,850 bar pressure. Available with 8, 12, 16 and 20 cylinders, Series 4000 engines cover power requirements from 746 to 4,300 kilowatts and comply with the latest IMO 2, EPA Tier 2 und EU Stage IIIA emissions regulations.