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Posted on February 27, 2018 by Jenifer Riley, Images by Knoxville Locomotive Works, mtu

mtu will deliver Series 4000 and Series 2000 engines to Knoxville Locomotive Works.
Knoxville, USA

mtu will deliver Series 4000 and Series 2000 engines to Knoxville Locomotive Works (KLW), an original equipment manufacturer of switcher and road-switcher diesel locomotives. The Series 4000 and Series 2000 mtu engines will power KLW’s SE Series four- and six-axle locomotive designs, which were recently awarded EPA Tier 4 emissions certifications. The engines are produced at the mtu America facility in Aiken, South Carolina.

Jim Wurtz, president of Knoxville Locomotive Corporation, said: “Each KLW model uses a single engine drive train system consisting of either an mtu Series 4000 or Series 2000 high-speed engine powering a traditional intermediate speed AR-10 Series alternator. KLW chose mtu for its worldwide experience in developing highly reliable and clean diesel engines. mtu engines are ideal for the application demands of switching and road-switching operations. We share a commitment together to lead the marketplace in reliable and cost effective locomotive solutions across a broad spectrum of horsepower classifications for Tier 4 and beyond.”    

KLW is the only freight diesel locomotive manufacturer to achieve Tier 4 switch and line-haul certifications with single-engine prime-movers rated at 1,050 to 3,218 horsepower (783 – 2,400 kW).  

mtu Series 4000 and Series 2000 engines for rail applications feature very low exhaust emissions combined with low fuel consumption. The engines used by KLW comply with EPA Tier 3 emission regulations with no aftertreatment and require only minimal exhaust gas aftertreatment for compliance with the EPA Tier 4 limits. As a result of these technological prerequisites, the consumption of DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) for further nitrogen oxide reduction is correspondingly low. The consumption for mtu’s Series 4000 and Series 2000 engines, for example, is less than 2.5 percent per gallon of diesel fuel, whereas other engines in the marketplace require 6 to 8 percent in order to meet EPA Tier 4 levels.

Michael Byrne, manager of rail sales for the Americas at mtu America, said: “KLW’s robust network within the North American rail industry and its decision to commit to and invest in obtaining EPA certification makes the company one of the fastest growing locomotive builders in the industry. mtu is proud to be part of its Tier 4 solution and congratulates KLW on this significant industry milestone.”  

mtu Series 4000 and mtu Series 2000

mtu’s Series 4000 and Series 2000 products are high-speed engines with up to 1,800 RPM. Series 4000 engines are available in 12V (2,012 – 2,414 bhp), 16V (2,682 – 3,218 bhp) and 20V configurations (3,621 – 4,425 bhp). mtu Series 2000 engines are available in 12V (1,050 bhp) and 16V (1,300 – 1,560 bhp) for rail applications.

Versions of mtu Series 4000 and Series 2000 are the only single engine prime movers in these horsepower classes to meet EPA Tier 3 standards for switcher locomotives without aftertreatment and continue mtu’s long tradition of offering systems expertise and established drive solutions from a single source.  

mtu’s rail engines are backed by billions of miles of service in the field and more than 90 years of experience. The Series 4000 engine has been installed in over 2,400 locomotives around the globe and is commonly used in other demanding industries that require optimum power-to-weight ratios and reliability, with over 39,000 units produced to date.  

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