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With 30,000 operating hours in the best years

Posted on April 22, 2021 by Katrin Auernhammer, Images by Balearia, Rolls-Royce Power Systems

After more than 30,000 operating hours, the engines of the passenger ferry Nixe have received a major overhaul and are now fit for the next few years. A service contract helps to ensure that they continue to run as reliably and efficiently.

The four mtu 16V 4000 M70 engines of the fast ferry Nixe of the Balearia shipping company have run for more than 30,000 operating hours in 16 years. After an extensive major overhaul, the engines will be in shape again for the next few years. To ensure that they continue to run so reliably and efficiently, Balearia has concluded a VCA Silver Agreement with Rolls-Royce, a maintenance contract with silver status. "We already have such a maintenance contract for our ferry Ramon Lull and have had good experiences. That's why we decided to choose this solution for Nixe as well," explains Javier Pérez, from Balearia fleet management.

The maintenance contract for the four mtu series 4000 engines includes round-the-clock stand-by service, proactive maintenance schedules, stocking of selected spare parts and proactive planning and maintenance to ensure the best possible operation for the customer. "Our mtu series 4000 is long proven and reliable. 30,000 operating hours are no problem with good maintenance and engine-friendly operation," explains Justo Galán, from Rolls-Royce Power Systems After Sales.  

The fast ferry Nixe commutes daily between Formentera and Ibiza. It has room for 546 passengers and 100 vehicles. The four mtu engines in the 63-metre-long ferry complete around 3,200 operating hours per year. With an output of 2.320 kilowatts each, they accelerate the ship to up to 32 knots, just under 60 kilometres per hour.

The shipping company Balearia operates numerous ferries that shuttle between the Spanish mainland and the Balearic Islands. Among them are several ferries with mtu engines of the 396, 4000 and 1163 series.

Nixe is powered by four mtu 16V 4000 M70 engines with an output of 2.320 kilowatts each
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