Regional trains by Lake Constance with MTU power

Posted on 23 September 2019 by Rolf Behrens, Images by Robert Hack, MTU

The Coradia Lint 54 offer more space and comfort, are quieter, more efficient, and emit significantly less CO2 and particles than the trains used hitherto.

There is good news for passengers, local residents and the environment in southern Germany’s Lake Constance area, the traditional home of MTU: Five new trains have recently taken to the tracks there, fitted with MTU traction systems. The Coradia Lint 54 regional trains from Alstom offer more space and comfort, are quieter, more efficient, and emit significantly less CO2 and particles than the trains used hitherto. The vehicles owe the latter to their three modern MTU PowerPacks, each equipped with a Series 1800 engine that meets the stringent EU Stage IIIB emission requirements. The drive systems can accelerate the trains between Friedrichshafen and Radolfzell to speeds of up to 140 kph.  

Rolls-Royce customer Alstom delivered the new Coradia Lint trains on schedule to local operator Südwestdeutsche Verkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft (SWEG), which operates them on behalf of DB Regio Alb-Bodensee (RAB). The Coradia Lint trains are now used daily in regional transport services on the shores of Lake Constance. 

The use of Coradia Lint trains could also be an important step on the way towards the use of hybrid rail drives on the Lake Constance Belt Railway: Rolls-Royce is currently cooperating with vehicle manufacturer Alstom to investigate the economic feasibility of repowering these trains with MTU Hybrid PowerPacks. Winfried Hermann, Minister of Transport in the state of Baden-Württemberg, commissioned this study last May during a visit to Rolls-Royce Power Systems. He was impressed by the environmentally friendly hybrid traction system from Friedrichshafen: “I am excited about the MTU Hybrid-PowerPack: it is a promising innovation which has been developed in our home state of Baden-Württemberg. We would like to test it here as well.” This vision is now one step closer. 

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