Power and innovation.

CaPoS is mtu's Capacitor Power System for Series 4000 engines. It's the perfect combination of power and innovation.

CaPoS is an innovative UltraCap voltage supply system which eliminates the need for conventional starter batteries in railroad applications. CaPoS uses capacitor technology to optimize startup behavior.

The number of UltraCap modules required depends on your motor type, power system and breakaway torque. You can use CaPoS either autonomously or in conjunction with mtu's powerline automation system.


Significant weight and volume reductions compared with conventional starter batteries.

Save on costs

After your initial investment, CaPoS upkeep and lifecycle costs are low.

Stable power

No voltage dip in the onboard network during the start procedure.

Optimize uptime

A maintenance-free system, which means it's up and running for longer.

Important features of the CaPoS system

  • Autonomous and modular construction
  • Optimized cold-starting properties
  • Onboard voltage of 16V – 154V is possible
  • CAN interface with powerline

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CaPoS smart edition

Smart, reliable power.

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