Our solutions enable you to make great strides toward carbon neutrality. Talk to Scott about mtu Solutions to reach net zero emissions.


Our energy storage systems let you harvest the energy that is normally wasted. Talk to Alexander about the mtu Hybrid Haul Truck Concept.


Our repowering solutions help you reduce emissions and fuel consumption. Talk to Marc about repowering with mtu Series 4000 engines.


Our solutions enable you to make great strides toward carbon neutrality. Talk to Walter about mtu Solutions to reach net zero emissions.


Our digital tools can calculate the optimal time to replace engine components. Talk to Marco about mtu GO.


Microgrids can lower energy costs by as much as 53% and reduce emissions. Talk to Stefie about mtu Microgrid Solutions.

Providing ever cleaner, safer and more competitive solutions is always on our mind – even when we're not at work.

Green Mining

Green Mining is not a fad. In order to meet the targets of the Paris Climate Agreement, the sector aims to reduce its carbon footprint to zero by 2050. That’s a tall order for mining companies, especially in light of their enormous operational energy demands. We offer a wide range of innovative carbon reduction solutions to support them on their path to net zero – both for stationary power supply as well as haul truck fleets.

For haul trucks, they cover everything from engine repowers to hybrid concepts, Power-to-X, fuel cell and fully electric solutions. Our stationary microgrid solutions optimally combine conventional power supply sources with battery storage and renewables. Whether mobile or stationary, mtu mining solutions keep emissions and energy costs to a minimum in optimally supporting companies on their path to net zero.

mtu solutions to reach net zero emissions

In fulfilling the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, mining companies face a number of challenges, particularly with regard to reducing their CO2 footprint. Discover the path to net zero – with engine repowers, bi-fuel, hybrid concepts, 2nd generation biofuel engines, e-fuels and, in the not too distant future, hydrogen engines, fuel cells and even fully electric solutions.

Hybrid Haul Truck Concept

mtu EnergyPacks, engine downsizing and Power-to-X fuels – all ways in which our hybrid haul truck concept can save of up to 30% on fuel and greatly lower emissions.

Repower Solutions

Increase haul truck performance and meet Tier 4 standards with an mtu Series 4000 engine. Curb emissions even more with our idle management and bi-fuel solutions.

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Underground Mining Solutions

From the mtu Series 60/Series 900 and mtu Series 1000 – 1500 engines to future hydrogen combustion solutions and fuel cells, we’re continually driving emissions ever lower.

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Digital Solutions

Optimize parts equipment utilization and service life with digital tools that allow you to keep track of operating hours, system alarms, maintenance schedules and much more.

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Microgrid Solutions

Intelligent controls and scalable battery packs enable our microgrid solutions to significantly reduce emissions and energy costs of stationary mining applications.

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Learn from the experts

Want to know more about our solutions for the path to net zero emissions? The following presentations provide in-depth information on how Mining companies can significantly lower emissions and energy costs.

Hybrid Haul Truck Concept:

Improve productivity and reduce emissions

  • Recuperating energy with mining trucks
  • Achieving decarbonization goals and fuel savings of up to 30%
  • Minimizing the drawbacks of GHG-neutral fuels with battery-hybrid powertrains

Microgrids for Mines:

The conductor or the orchestra?
Which is more important?

  • The importance of microgrid controllers within a microgrid
  • Economic results and possible applications to reduce energy costs
  • How microgrids helped customers to significantly reduce different aspects of their energy costs (3 case studies)

Green Mining:

What does Power-to-X mean?

  • Ways in which Power-to-X and synthetic or e-fuels, also fuel cells can be used to fulfill emissions targets and how they will transform mining
  • What the Power-to-X ecosystem is
  • How we are preparing mtu engines for the new fuels

Repowering Solutions:

Higher performance, lower emissions

  • Making mining trucks more productive
  • Improving fleet operating costs with Tier 4 solutions
  • Operating at high altitudes without power derate

Underground Mining Solutions

Higher performance, lower emissions

  • The history of mtu underground mining solutions Series 900, Series 1000-1500
  • Emission reduction solutions for underground mining
  • Potential future technology solutions such as FuelCell and Hydrogen

mtu Solutions to reach net zero emissions

Discover the path to net zero – with engine repowering, idle management, bi-fuel, hybrid concepts, 2nd generation biofuel engines, e-fuels, even fully electric solutions.

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

Hybrid Haul Truck Concept

mtu EnergyPacks, engine downsizing and sustainable fuels can substantially increase haul truck fuel and emissions efficiency. How? Have a look at the animation.

Repowering Solutions

Haul trucks equipped with an mtu  Series 4000 can increase productivity, lower operating costs and meet Tier 4 emissions standards without any aftertreatment. See why.

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Fuel Cells and the Quest for Green Power

Apart from renewable energy sources such as sustainable fuels and battery storage systems, fuel cells offer a variety of advantages all their own, as the following article points out.

“There’s simply no alternative to the Paris Climate Agreement”

In a recent interview, Professor Hans-Otto Pörtner, member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, stresses the importance of quick and far-reaching changes.

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mtu @ MINExpo – a digital booth tour

Couldn’t make it to MINExpo? The following video provides a glimpse of the activities at our booth and an overview of key topics we highlighted this year. Have a look.

Youtube Video

How to drift a haul truck

Youtube Video

Reducing Emissions while Reducing Fuel Consumption with our SCR System

Youtube Video

MTUs solution for Underground Mining in Modikwa Platinum Mine


Sustainable fuels: E-Diesel and HVO make mtu engines (almost) climate-neutral

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Large construction and mining machines bustle around the Bauma exhibition grounds in Munich. Among them: Rolls-Royce .

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Large construction and mining machines bustle around the Bauma exhibition grounds in Munich. Among them: Rolls-Royce.

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Power Generation

Life on the edge

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Freezing cold in Siberia, searing desert heat, towering waves or quaking earth – mtu Series 2000 and Series 4000 engines are tough as nails.

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