Strongest Mining Engine in the World Runs in Chuquicamata and Syncrude

Posted on March 29, 2004

Two T-282 Liebherr dump trucks with 20V-4000 MTU/DDC engines are currently in use in the Chilean copper mine Chuquicamata.
Two T-282 Liebherr dump trucks with 20V-4000 MTU/DDC engines are currently in use in the Chilean copper mine Chuquicamata. More T-282 vehicles with 20V 4000 will be used in Syncrude (Canada) and at Cortez (USA). With a curb weight of 232 tons (252 short tons), the vehicles transport up to 360 tons (400 short tons) of stone per load.

With a power capacity of 3,650bhp (2,720 kilowatts) the 20V 4000 is the strongest mining engine available on the market. The 20-cylinder weights 9,865 kilograms and is, therefore, nine percent lighter than competitive engines. The 20V 4000 mining engines were launched on the market in 2003. Application segments for the 20V 4000 are dump trucks up to 400 tons.

With its technical characteristics, the engine fulfils all prerequisites for this market: A clear, transparent structure simplifies accessibility and contributes decisively to the stability and long-term durability of the engine. The 20V 4000 thus manages with single-stage turbocharging, which is taken over by two powerful mtu turbochargers. The engine also requires only one charge air-cooler in order to ensure optimum operating conditions. Due to the simple engine structure, installation and maintenance costs are very low.

The use of the most modern technologies ensures that the 20V 4000 meets the requirements for use in mines. With the common-rail injection, it has an innovative injection system which makes it possible to freely determine all decisive parameters which influence combustion. This includes the time and the duration of the injection as well as the level and progression of the injection pressure. This is a decisive advantage if fuel consumption has to be reduced in order to conform with current and future emission limit values. Moreover, the injection parameters are adapted to the differing environmental conditions of the engine by the electronic regulation of the common rail system. Thus, for example, the engine can be operated at a height of up to 3,700 meters above sea-level without any reduction of its capacity.

With regard to long-term application, the engine is very economical due to its high power, low fuel consumption and clear construction. Depending on use, maintenance intervals of 20,000 hours are expected. An optional, automatic oil filter also reduces the amount of work required for routine maintenance. The engine sets new standards in terms of environmental compatibility. The 20V 4000 not only conforms to current exhaust emission standards but also comes equipped with sufficient potential for future exhaust emission regulations.

Technical data of the New 20V 4,000 Mining Engine

Engine output, maximum: 3,650 bhp (2,720 kW)
Cylinder output: 183 bhp (135 kW)
Swept volume per cylinder: 4.49 liters
Bore: 165 mm
Stroke: 210 mm
Rated engine speed: 1800 rpm
Dimensions (LxBxH): 3,665 x 1,460 x 2,055 mm
Weight: 9.5 t (incl. storage, dry)
Power to weight ratio: 3,6 kg/kW
Fuel consumption: 198 g/kW (at full load and EPA)
Injection: Common Rail
Turbocharging: 2x ZR 205 by mtu
TBO: 20,000 hours
Mount: 3-point trunion mount