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Rolls-Royce updates mtu Series 1600 with up to 49% higher power output for energy supply

Posted on January 31, 2024

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  • Strong: 12V1600 with up to 996 kWm highest power density in its class
  • Lower Carbon: Up to 90% CO2 reduction with renewable diesel (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil/HVO)
  • Flexible: With load factors of up to 100%, suitable for emergency power supply of data centers and other critical applications

The new generation of the 12-cylinder mtu Series 1600 Gx1 diesel engine sets the standard in terms of performance, flexibility, life-cycle costs and lower carbon performance. “With this new generation of diesel engines in the power range up to nearly 1000 kilowatts, we are continuing to invest in our mtu engine portfolio and offer our customers worldwide cutting-edge technology for reliable and sustainable stationary power generation in critical applications,” explained Dr. Jörg Stratmann, CEO of Rolls-Royce’s business unit Power Systems. Rolls-Royce recently presented its new strategic framework in which the focus on market-leading propulsion and energy solutions with higher performance that are largely developed and produced in-house is a key component.

Suitable for power generation in critical applications such as data centers, airports and hospitals, the new Series 1600 is also a perfect component for power plants in regions without a connection to the public grid, such as remote construction sites or mines. In combination with renewable energies and battery storage, its unique low-load capability makes it a reliable and robust power generator in self-sufficient microgrids.

“This is an absolute benchmark product in its class. It enables us to offer our customers maximum performance and efficiency for their energy supply,” explained Tobias Ostermaier, President of the Stationary Power Solutions division at Rolls-Royce Power Systems.

Highest power density in its performance class
Rolls-Royce has increased engine performance by up to 49 percent compared to the previous model. As a result, the 12V1600 Gx1 offers the highest power density in its power class and outstanding load acceptance, as well as the usual robustness and reliability. To achieve this, not only has the displacement been increased, but a new turbocharger system has also been used and the injection system has been renewed. The engines deliver full power even at high ambient temperatures, high humidity and under the most difficult environmental conditions.

Reducing the CO2 footprint with renewable diesel
All Series 1600 mtu engines are released for the use of synthetic diesel fuels in accordance with the EN15940 standard including renewable diesel fuel or HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil). The use of drop-in fuel renewable diesel can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90% (depending on the production process and source material) compared to fossil diesel.

22 gensets already on order for North America
Covering an extended power range of 680 - 900 kWe electrical output, the 12V1600 60 Hz genset has been available since the end of 2023. As of January 2024, Rolls-Royce has already received orders for 22 mtu Series 1600 gensets for a variety of emergency standby applications including a high-rise luxury apartment complex, a waste-water treatment plant, a police department and a ski resort, just to name a few. The 50 Hz version of the gensets with an electrical output of 600 – 800 kWe (750 - 1000 kVA) will follow soon. In addition, the 50 Hz and 60 Hz engines in a power range from 660 to 996 kW mechanical output will be sold to independent OEMs for integration into their own genset designs.

Designed to meet the highest requirements in the demanding data center market
All new mtu Series 1600 engines meet the requirements of Performance Class G3 and even exceed the requirements of ISO 8528 Power Ratings for Emergency Standby Power (ESP) and Prime Power (PRP) with industry-leading load factors of up to 100% for data centers. In addition, the engines and gensets also meet the stringent resilience requirements for Tier III and Tier IV data centers, making them a highly attractive solution for smaller data centers in the booming edge data center market.

New economical and sustainable overhaul solution
Rolls-Royce has also developed a new overhaul solution for the existing 10V and 12V mtu Series 1600 engines that extends the engine's service life by up to 6,000 operating hours at a lower cost and offers the same level of safety as conventional offerings. There is no need to remove and reinstall the engine, only to replace certain components, and downtime is minimal.

Please find further details on the new generation of mtu Series 1600 here

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