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mtu Gas Generator Parts

A range of system components as gas engine parts and generator parts.

Parts for Gas Engines and Generators

We offer a wide range of components and accessories that are perfectly tailored to our mtu gas generator sets and modules and can be integrated to create a perfect solution for you.

We can customize a power system to fit your specific requirements, because we know that different jobs have different needs. A full line of gas engine components and gas generator accessories means that we can customize a power system that works perfectly for your needs.

All of our products meet the highest standards for quality and safety. They are available from a single source and are also production-tested to work together as integrated systems, ensuring exceptional reliability and performance.  

mtu gas generator parts include:

  • Oxidization catalysts
  • Sound enclosures
  • Silencers
  • Additional external oil systems
  • Gas preparations
  • Gas compressions
  • External cooling systems
  • Additional heat exchanger units (S4000)
  • Exhaust gas heat exchangers
  • Containers
  • Gas trains
  • Gas safety equipment (including general gas safety concept)

Cutting-edge technology

Our proven and eco-friendly gas engine technology delivers maximum efficiency and ultimate reliability.

Flexible unit assembly system

Our unit assembly system is based on standardized modules and synchronized components and can be customized to fit your needs.

Unparalleled support

mtu gas generator parts come not only with the quality you would expect, but with full support from our worldwide service network.

Easy to use

mtu gas generator accessories are designed for your ultimate utility. They are easy to set up and use, ensuring that downtime is kept to a minimum.

Systems integration of auxiliary drives and electrical connections

The mtu Module Control (MMC) offers a wide range of connections and control options, such as hot water pumps, mixed cooling water pumps, extractor fan control, gas warning system, lubricant system, smoke detector and gas compressor.

Systems integration of multi-unit plants

A wide range of interface protocols (such as Ethernet, Profibus DP, 3964R, Modbus RTU) helps to connect the system to additional power generation equipment. The MMC can run as a master control for different mtu products or products from different suppliers.

Engineering for systems integration

mtu gas power systems are engineered to connect the gas power unit to the interfacing system, such as ventilation, heating circuits, electric circuits or gas circuits. To improve systems integration efficiency, we can also supply a turnkey plant.


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