New mtu Fuel Filtration Upgrade Kit

Posted on March 01, 2016 by Jason Schrader, Wendy Gutermuth, Scott Hanson Sr., Oliver Moll

Ensures optimal performance in the field—even when fuel quality standards are difficult or impossible to meet

Common rail fuel injection systems require high fuel quality to perform optimally. In a dusty environment such as a mining site, these fuel standards can be difficult or impossible to meet. Over time, particles and contaminants accumulate in the fuel, which can cause premature wear and reduce injector life due to the high pressures in the fuel injection system. To ensure optimal performance in these circumstances, mtu has introduced a new fuel filtration upgrade kit for Series 4000 mining engines. Field-tested for more than three years, it has been shown to significantly extend injector life, which reduces operating costs dramatically. The savings can quickly add up over time, especially for mine operations with large fleets of haul trucks.


New mtu Fuel Filtration Upgrade Kit ensures optimal performance in the field


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