Power Generation

Industrial Manufacturing

Production processes require high amounts of continuous power to ensure reliable and economical manufacturing. mtu solutions provide the power security manufacturers need to be productive and profitable.

mtu solutions integrate smoothly

with existing power systems

Whether for food processing, chemical, textile or other critical manufacturing processes, mtu distributed energy solutions are aimed at maximizing uptime. Designed to integrate seamlessly with continuous and backup power solutions, they offer many opportunities for improving power efficiency, reliability and availability. With solutions ranging from generator sets to battery storage to dynamic uninterruptable power supplies, we offer the broadest range of solutions, all from a single source.

Our diesel generator sets provide cost-effective prime and standby power 24/7, while our battery energy storage systems (BESS) greatly improve grid management and power stability. For those wanting to reduce demand charges and increase their energy self-sufficiency, we also offer gas-fueled combined heat and power (CHP) solutions. And when immediate power is needed, our dynamic uninterruptable power supplies use kinetic energy to ensure there is never a disruption due to power outage. All for one purpose: optimizing productivity.

mtu solutions for industrial manufacturing

How to reduce energy costs
and increase grid independence

Our distributed energy solutions combine a variety of components and energy sources, including mtu diesel and gas generator sets, mtu battery energy storage systems (BESS), photovoltaic and wind power plants. They optimize industrial energy cost savings and grid independence through:

Peak load reduction
Grid stability power demand charges are typically based on the single highest grid stability power draw per year. Our BESS and gensets can help to significantly lower both demand and charges.  

Increased self-sufficiency
The addition of local power generation units such as solar arrays or CHP plants can greatly increase energy self-sufficiency ‘behind the meter’ – even more with a BESS like the mtu EnergyPack.

Understanding demand charge reduction

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Examples for demand charge reduction

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Microgrid use case

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How to protect critical process manufacturing applications

Power quality plays a crucial role in sensitive manufacturing processes. Grid spikes, frequency deviations, outages and other power anomalies can lead to production interruptions with damaging consequences. mtu Kinetic PowerPacks, our dynamic uninterruptible power supply (DUPS) systems, offer a state-of-the-art, safe and cost-effective solution.

How to profitably minimize your carbon footprint

Fuels produced from renewable energy sources are very environmentally friendly given the fact that they also support decarbonization. Cogeneration/Trigeneration with gas gensets using biogas, biomethane, hydrogen or synthetic methane is a highly efficient and flexible heating solution. It also provides cooling while, at the same time, optimizing power availability. Further emissions reductions can be achieved with aftertreatment solutions.

How to minimize production losses

A power failure can negatively impact production processes in a number of ways. mtu diesel gensets reliably provide backup power until grid power is restored. They also help to ensure employee safety by supplying essential systems, such as emergency ventilation or lighting, with electricity. When the need for power is immediate, our dynamic UPS provides power until the diesel engine starts – ensuring that not a second of disruption occurs.

How to participate in grid stabilization markets

Energy markets around the world are changing. The increased utilization of renewable energy sources creates new challenges for keeping grids stable. Several governmental and other funding programs are already in place for securing flexible operating reserves that can be switched on and off based on actual demand. Participation in these programs also creates new revenue opportunities for production facilities.

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