Ship Automation Systems

Controlling power with intelligent electronics. As a systems supplier, we not only provide you with the perfect propulsion system, but also with an automation system which is exactly adjusted to it.

mtu NautIQ Automation Systems

Controlling the power

Our engines are powerful and technologically advanced. But in order to offer the best efficiency, reliability, safety, and environmental compatibility, they need more than just power. They need intelligent electronic management.  

Modern engine management systems handle the control and monitoring of the hardware and enable perfect performance. Our ship automation systems mtu NautIQ are designed to offer the ideal combination of performance and precision individually for your applications from a wide range of solutions.

mtu NautIQ Master

mtu NautIQ Master is an Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) and offers the optimal solution to meet the needs of Government and highly complex commercial projects. The advanced, customized solutions meet the complex automation and integration requirements of operators of modern specialized vessels. All the various subsystems of a ship are integrated into a single, intelligent overall system. As a scalable and feature-rich system, mtu NautIQ Master is able to deliver a fully integrated turnkey automation solution.

mtu NautIQ Core

mtu NautIQ Core has been specifically created to deliver COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) solutions for all shipping sectors including: bulk carriers, container ships, tankers, passenger ships, offshore support vessels, tugs and salvage vessels, inland waterway and small leisure craft. The standard mtu NautIQ Core packages are future proofed allowing for later integration of additional hardware, software and auxillary equipment through the vessels lifetime.

mtu NautIQ Foresight

mtu NautIQ Foresight is an Equipment Health Management System. It allows you to monitor and have full control over the technical condition of your vessel and your complete fleet.

mtu NautIQ CoDirect

The wireless, remote-helm system that controls a vessel’s engines, steering and transmission as well as payload functions like pumps, winches or cranes. It allows marine crews to operate a vessel from a distance of up to 1000 meters – from the safest vantage point.

mtu NautIQ CoOperate

An optionally self-piloting ship navigation and command system. It enables off-boat remote command, including all payloads on board, and offers situational awareness using cameras, sensors and other equipment, from a second location on another vessel or on shore.

mtu NautIQ CoPilot

As an autonomous pilot assist system, mtu NautIQ CoPilot is our most advanced autonomous system, using digital marine sensors, embedded electronic charts, advanced autonomous algorithms and broad-area computer vision to support human-manual vessel operations with enhanced real-time understanding of objects, obstructions and traffic. In essence, it acts as a virtual onboard copilot at your side.

mtu NautIQ Bridge

With our strong experience and in-depth knowledge of ship automation, we are now offering a fully integrated bridge solution. mtu NautIQ Bridge integrates all essential vessel control, monitoring and navigation sub-systems, wherever they are on board, into a single platform. Its functionalities therefore embrace not only the propulsion system, but vessel automation, power management, navigation and communication. By providing all relevant information to the captain in a single place, the new bridge solution enhances both user-friendliness and operational reliability.

mtu NautIQ BlueVision NG_Basic

The automation system for the drive system consists of monitoring control and remote control. It is configured by an engineering system and is connected via interfaces to the engine control system, the transmission system, the propulsion system and the auxiliary systems.

mtu NautIQ BlueVision NG_Advanced

The modular system design allows for a flexible configuration: intelligent data technology ensures reliable data exchange and reduces the need for excessive cabling. Optimized interfaces between the propulsion and automation systems result in complete integrated solutions that guarantee security, efficiency and reliability – and all from one source.

mtu NautIQ BlueVision NG_Avantgarde

mtu NautIQ BlueVision NG_Avantgarde  provides the most sophisticated and extensively developed solution for standard automation systems. So you get a complete package where everything is just right: not only powerful engine performance, but also maximum efficiency, uncompromising reliability and environmental compatibility in monitoring and control of the complete propulsion plant.

mtu NautIQ Genoline NG

mtu NautIQ Genoline NG is a non-classified and classified automation system that is made for on-board power generation plants.

Delivering actionable insights through digital solutions

Our digital platform mtu Go is being developed as the primary source for you and your service network to analyze system data quickly, determine important action steps, and plan them optimally. With a growing number of mtu Go features you can easily connect, remotely monitor, efficiently maintain and proactively manage your engines, systems, assets and global fleets like never before.

Let us guide you in the right direction.

One of our mtu experts can help you to find the product that’s just right for you.

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New generation of mtu Ironmen engines offers significant performance improvements

28 November 2016

mtu engines power one of most established vessels in Florida Marine’s fleet, Lil D. After the repower, Florida Marine has seen significant improvements in performance and monitoring technology. Lil D’s original engines were the first two mtu 8V 4000 engines sold in the United States and were retired after clocking 80,000 hours on their time sheet. In a perfect twist of fate, the Tier 3-certified mtu Series 4000 M54 engines selected for the repower are also the first two of their kind in use.

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