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Onshore Oil Drilling Solutions

Extracting oil and gas presents a number of challenges. Difficult operational conditions such as extreme temperatures demand uncompromising durability, performance, and high efficiency. All at the same time.

Our decades of experience help to make our system expertise unique within the oil and gas industry. Among other things, our extensive knowledge means that all system components are perfectly suited to one another and work together seamlessly. This not only increases availability but also guarantees long maintenance intervals.

Our portfolio includes engines that are proven to maximize the efficiency and availability of onshore drilling equipment for oil and gas extraction. With power ratings ranging from 75 kW (Series 900) to 2,800 kW (Series 4000), they deliver the high performance needed for conventional and unconventional drilling of complex wells in extreme conditions.  

As well as their high levels of performance, our engines also have excellent fuel efficiency and long maintenance intervals which keep operating costs low. And advanced mtu emissions reduction technologies such as exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) enable them to easily fulfill EPA Tier 4 emission standards.  

Maximum durability, availability and reliability

For conventional and unconventional drilling, thanks to the high-performance level and our lifecycle support.

Low operating costs

Fuel-efficiency, long service intervals and maintenance-friendly design.

Compact design

Allows engines to be simply integrated into existing onshore drilling rig equipment.

Efficient and powerful

Excellent power and torque behavior - especially in demanding applications - while meeting emissions standards such as Tier 4.

Support Services

A worldwide service network with more than 1,200 service centers as well as local distributors and technicians.

Need help finding the perfect product or system?

No problem at all. Let one of our expert advisors point you in the right direction.

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Oil & Gas

mtu Series 4000 generator sets power natural gas drilling operations in Oklahoma

28 November 2016

Unit Drilling Company uses 18 mtu Series 4000 generator sets to power its operations at the Granite Wash Oil Field in Oklahoma. By utilizing new drilling and hydrofracturing techniques, the company is helping drive America’s new energy boom.

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Oil & Gas

Canada’s first Tier 4 final service rig

by Chuck Mahnken

While CARE Industries has relied on the Series 60 for many years, the transition to the Tier 4-certified Series 1100 will have many advantages.

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