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Maximize return on investment with Rolls Royce services.

ValueCare Agreement for BESS

Plan to optimize costs and maximize return on investment

By guaranteeing that your battery energy storage system (BESS) has the highest possible uptime, you can increase its operational efficiency and enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your system is operating as intended with our reliable service. We offer a strong support structure for BESS through mtu ValueCare agreements, which include routine maintenance and corrective maintenance up to performance guarantees and monitoring of your system.

In the rapidly evolving energy industry, it is essential not only to maintain existing systems but also to future-proof them. Therefore, in order to prepare your system for future energy demands, we also provide advanced upgrades, augmentation, and cutting-edge digital solutions that enable remote monitoring management and optimization of your BESS.

Performance guarantees

Secure and optimize your return investment.

Transparency of equipment data

Provides clear insights into system health with continuous data tracking and transfer.

Monitoring & diagnostics for your system

Keeps a constant watch on performance, preempting issues, and troubleshooting through our Remote Monitoring Center.

24/7 Expert support

Round-the-clock technical assistance for immediate issue resolution.

Attain peace of mind

Delivers reliability confidence, freeing you to focus elsewhere.

Ensure bankability

Boosts project financial appeal by ensuring system reliability.

Focus on your business –  leave the rest to us

Reliability and efficiency in the field of battery energy storage systems (BESS) require continuous operation without interruptions. mtu ValueCare Agreements provide preventive maintenance to guard against future disruptions and guarantee optimal BESS performance, ensuring streamlined system management, maximized performance, and reduced ownership costs.

When you purchase a cutting-edge BESS, it's important to consider not only the initial costs but also the ongoing operational expenses. Choosing an mtu BESS with a ValueCare Agreement from Rolls-Royce Solutions helps manage these ongoing expenses effectively, reducing risks and providing financial stability and peace of mind for your energy solutions.

Silver includes all benefits of Bronze level and more:
Gold includes all benefits of Silver and Bronze levels and more:
Guarantee battery performance and stability
Battery performance guarantee
Digital connectivity and management platform access
Operation and health dashboards
24/7 Customer Assistance Center
Access to local service support for maintenance and technical assistance
Proactive maintenance planning
Fixed pricing for maintenance and repairs
Daily remote system checks
Battery performance and health reports
Commitment to performance targets
Active remote monitoring by our Remote Monitoring Center
Detailed performance reporting
Annual strategic performance review

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