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Power Generation

Backup and UPS for data centers

From planning and development to installation and maintenance – our backup and ups systems for data centers provide comprehensive power solutions.

The energy needs of data centers are complex, time-sensitive and very specific. Data centers require power supply solutions that are modular, scalable and custom-fitted, which is exactly what we've developed our mtu solutions to be. From standby and continuous power to co- and trigeneration solutions for uninterruptible and continuous power supply for your data center. We cover it all - including design planning, onsite integration, services and more.

Whether for corporate, modular, edge or hyperscale data facilities, our skilled experts employ latest technologies that add value to the business over the long-term – As for example green data centers with sustainable power supply. Technologies like mtu diesel gensets for mission critical applications or dynamic uninterruptible power supply (DUPS) for data centers reduce the risk of downtime, equipment damage and environmental incidents, saving costs and keeping data flowing.

Data center power planning

A key megatrend for over a decade already, digitization affects all areas of our lives – work, recreation, healthcare and more. Data are indispensable for countless activities. Data centers ensure the availability of huge data volumes at all times. They play a key role for many digitization success stories. Data center power availability is equally critical.

How to secure backup power

Reliable and robust backup power forms the basis for resilient data centers capable of operating under the harshest of conditions. A UPS system for data centers is an excellent solution for providing secure backup power – whether as a static, battery-based system to store electrical energy or as a dynamic flywheel system that uses rotary masses to store kinetic energy. Our mtu solutions include outstanding options for both and our experts can help you determine the system that's right for you.

Backup power with diesel systems
While a UPS for a data center is ideally suited for bridging the first seconds and minutes of a grid instability, a diesel genset still offers the best long-term solution for power stability, resilience, easy maintenance and Tier certification. mtu systems also provide best-in-class start-up time with highest load acceptance and the smallest footprint for static UPS systems.

In combination with dynamic UPS for data centers
Dynamic UPS systems consist of three main components: alternator, rotary mass and diesel engine. The backup power source for longer outages is already integrated, eliminating the need for additional battery storage while saving space and greatly reducing total lifetime costs. Our mtu Kinetic PowerPacks are based on decades of experience in designing and manufacturing DUPS. And due kinetic energies sustainability, mtu systems are an ideal solution for green data centers.

Global service network
All of our products and solutions are backed by a tight global network of service centers. At all major data hubs around the world, we are able to provide expert data center support and immediate response times. Through the global presence of mtu parts hubs, we can also ensure spare parts availability within hours.


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PS-SPEC Power System Sizing and Specification is a powerful, fully-featured sizing and specification program for generator sets suitable for projects of any size.   PS-SPEC is a tool for consulting engineers, contractors, and other professionals involved in the design, application load analysis, or installation of generator sets.

PS-SPEC asks you to supply basic information about your project requirements and then provides you with all the information you need to select the appropriate equipment.

How to develop a greener future power supply

Sustainability, another mega trend, also has a tremendous influence on data centers. Eco-friendly power sourcing continues to play an increasingly important role – not only for hyperscale facilities accessing their power from enormous wind farms or hydro power stations, but also small edge locations. Our portfolio of innovative mtu power solutions is helping drive for green data centers forward.

Alternative fuels for sustainable data centers
Produced entirely from renewable energy sources, alternative fuels offer many opportunities for the future. What’s more, fully synthetic fuels can be used in existing infrastructures to achieve the same power density, handling and storage characteristics, and to provide decarbonization already at the beginning of the process.

Exhaust gas after treatment
In the absence of fossil fuel decarbonization technology, an exhaust gas after treatment (EGAT) system can help keep local emissions such as NOx or particulate matter to an absolute minimum. mtu EGAT solutions are precisely tailored to fit its engines while granting full power, best load acceptance, super-fast startup times and absolute resilience.

Data centers are often located next to other industries, residential areas or large metropolitan infrastructures. mtu microgrid solutions are perfect for providing them with district heating, grid services or for greenhouse-data center combinations. Our intelligent automation solutions also enable integration of existing assets.

Combined heat and power (CHP) / combined cooling, heat and power (CCHP)
The data center market is rapidly growing worldwide, prompting an equally large demand for electricity at the same plots of land where the fibers are. Gas-powered CHP and CCHP plants offer an economical and ecologically attractive solution – even more so in combination with an mtu microgrid solution.

Need help finding the perfect product or system?

No problem at all. Let one of our expert advisors point you in the right direction.

How to provide data centers with
cost and eco-effective base load energy

To continue to operate successfully well into the future, green data centers are increasingly looking for ways to significantly reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint. mtu solutions use a variety of technologies that provide base load power stability that is both cost and eco-effective, including hydrogen-powered CHP, fuel cell and carbon-free power solutions.

Powering CHP systems with hydrogen
A hydrogen-powered CHP system offers additional advantages over a conventional gas system. First and foremost, it is nearly CO2-free and upgrades require only minor adaptations to existing assets. Another option, H2 blending, also requires very few adaptations and already helps to greatly reduce emissions as well.

Fuel cells for sustainable data center power
Decarbonization poses serious challenges for data centers as they face ever more stringent restrictions regarding emissions. mtu solutions based on fuel cells are in development to offer a highly modular approach for providing data centers with carbon-free power – along with almost zero noise emissions and low maintenance costs.

Carbon-free power for green data centers
We offer solutions to leverage the advantages of external and internal grid services using fuel cells and electrolysis to provide reliable, carbon-free backup power. These vertically integrated solutions support the flexible integration of renewable energy sources, thereby also helping to stabilize the grid.

How to achieve short setup times and additional data center capacity

Fast time-to-market and time-to-capacity online are pivotal for gaining and maintaining market share. Our modular design philosophy and holistic service approach enables us to provide very short delivery, installation and commissioning times.

Modular speed and customization
Our modular approach to design and development enables us to quickly customize solutions to specific customer needs. Premanufactured power production and storage units minimize onsite installation time while factory testing all of the equipment streamlines the commissioning.

One-stop support for data center generators
We support you at every project step – from planning and design to installation, commissioning and services, including with complete turnkey solutions. Our close partnership enables us to provide optimal support during the design, development and commissioning phases.

Need help finding the perfect product or system?

No problem at all. Let one of our expert advisors point you for UPS and data center power supply.

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