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Diesel engines

All Engines At a Glance.
MTU Series 1000
Diesel Engine 4R 1000/OM 934 Download (PDF 1 MB)
Diesel Engine 6R 1000/OM 936 Download (PDF 1 MB)
MTU Series 1100
Diesel Engine 6R 1100/OM 470 Download (PDF 1 MB)
MTU Series 1300
Diesel Engine 6R 1300/OM 471 Download (PDF 1 MB)
MTU Series 1500
6R 1500/OM 473 Download (PDF 1 MB)
MTU Series 2000
12V 16V 2000 S06 Download (PDF 1 MB)
MTU Series 4000
Series 4000 Diesel engines for the Oil & Gas industry well services - Frac operation Download (PDF 1 MB)
12V 16V 4000 S01/S03 Download (PDF 1 MB)
16V 4000 T95 Download (PDF 1 MB)
12V 16V 20V 4000 S03 Diesel engines for mechanical drive Download (PDF 1 MB)

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