"Tactica" equipped with mtu 6R 106 engines

Posted on September 10, 2003

For the first time, mtu Friedrichhafen is working with the British industry for series production of a military vehicle.
London - For the first time, mtu Friedrichhafen is working with the British industry for series production of a military vehicle. AlvisVickers placed an order for twelve mtu 6R 106 engines to power the wheeled "Tactica" vehicles of the Norwegian Air Force. Tactica is a complete familiy of versatile cost-effective 4x4 vehicles for use by military and security forces in many roles inluding patrol, assault, ambulance, rescue and repair.

The mtu 6R 106 engine is derived from the commercial DaimlerChrysler truck engine OM 906 LA that has proven its reliability in more than 320,000 Mercedes-Benz trucks. Service and spare part supply are therefore available on a very broad basis. In its power class this engine belongs to the most modern engines available for military vehicles. In terms of compactness and rating, it takes a leading position. In addition to its strong performance, this engine is further characterized by its great traction power. It achieves a torque of 1300Nm already at 1500/rpm. The water cooled 106 engines are equipped with an electronic injection system and individual pumps for each cylinder. The combination of engine electronics and individual pumps allows a precise injection and optimizes the fuel efficiency and the emission level. Because of this innovative technology, the 106 engines fulfill the current emission levels of Euro3.

Via an interface, the engine electronics can be linked up with various units in the vehicle, with conventional gauges and controls and with a diagnosis component. The electronic engine management also raises the reliability of the engine. Should a problem occur, the engine electronics issue a warning signal and, if necessary, temporarily reduce the engine output. An error memory integrated into the electronic management system reports when, where, and why a problem occurred.

Technical Data of the 6R 106 TD 20 Engine

Engine Model mtu 6R 106 TD21
Power 180 kW @ 2200 rpm
Number of cylinders 6 inline
Displacement 7.20 litres
Engine power 240 kW / 2200 rpm
Weight, dry 530 kg
Dimensions (l x w x h) 1053 x 666 x 898 mm
Emission standard Euro 3
Injection direct injection
Cooling pressurized closed-circuit liquid cooling system
Starter electric
Turbocharging single stage turbocharged, intercooled