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mtu Onsite Energy at Power-Gen Europe

Posted on June 07, 2011

At this year’s Power-Gen Europe exhibition in Milan from 7 to 9 June (Stand: 5A29), the Tognum Group will be showcasing its portfolio of distributed power generation plants marketed under its mtu Onsite Energy brand.

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  • Distributed power generation plants for emergency, peak and continuous power and for cogeneration
  • Diesel engines up to 6,250kW
  • Gas engine systems up to 2,150kW
  • Gas turbine plants up to 45MW

Friedrichshafen/Milan, 7 June 2011. At this year’s Power-Gen Europe exhibition in Milan from 7 to 9 June (Stand: 5A29), the Tognum Group will be showcasing its portfolio of distributed power generation plants marketed under its mtu Onsite Energy brand. The range of products available from the globally active specialist for propulsion and power solutions covers diesel engines and diesel generator sets for emergency, base and peak load power as well as compact cogeneration modules for combined heat and power based on gas engines. The performance range on offer runs from 20 kW to 6,250kW. mtu Onsite Energy’s program also includes gas turbine packages producing between 20 and 45MW of electrical power and from 28 to 60 MW of thermal power for electricity generation and combined heat and power production.

A Series 1600 diesel engine for peak and emergency power generation will also be on show at the exhibition. With a per cylinder displacement of 1.75 liters, the 50Hz versions of the 6, 8, 10 and 12-cylinder models deliver between 270 and 635kW (300 to 715kVA) whilst the 60Hz versions produce between 285 and 670kW (250 to 600kWe). The Series 1600 provides a solid and economically competitive engine concept for power generators which meets the toughest demands for reliability, efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Diesel engines and diesel gensets for emergency power, peak power and continuous power.

High-speed diesel engines producing up to 6,250 kW form the core business of Tognum subsidiary MTU Friedrichshafen. Their distinguishing characteristics include high specific power levels coupled with long maintenance intervals, reliability in continuous operation, high rates of availability and efficient fuel consumption. The company also supplies complete systems – standardized or customized – for emergency, peak and continuous power generation together with systems engineering support covering the entire range of services from initial technical consultation through to specialist support during acceptance and plant handover as well as long-term maintenance. Globally, mtu is one of the few suppliers for nuclear power plant emergency diesel gensets.

Gas engine systems for combined heat, (cooling) and power

Power generation systems from mtu Onsite Energy are an economical means of producing electricity and heat/cooling energy using distributed plant. The thermal energy can be used for heating or processing whilst the electricity is either consumed directly or fed into the public grid. Apart from natural gas, other clean burning fuels such as biogas, sewage gas and landfill gas can be used. These gas engine plants (also known as compact cogeneration modules or combined heat and power plants) generate up to 2,150 kWe. They are used in a wide range of applications from agriculture and centralized district heating systems to public buildings with high heating requirements such as swimming pools or commercial and office buildings where they power air-conditioning systems.

Gas turbine plants for industry, local utilities and power plants

Gas turbine systems are environmentally friendly and distributed energy generation alternatives with a range of electrical outputs from 20 to 45 megawatts (electric) and thermal outputs of 28 to 60 megawatts. Those maximum outputs are sufficient to supply roughly 100,000 households with electricity and around 10,000 one-family-houses with heat. The fuels used for the mtu-designed installations are natural gas and diesel. The systems are generally used as combined heat and power (CHP) plants. That includes district heating provided by local utilities, power plants that produce steam to drive additional turbines, and peak-load power plants. In energy-intensive industrial plants as well, such as paper factories, gas turbine systems are capable of generating large quantities of electricity and heat.


mtu Onsite Energy’s role as a reliable partner for its customers is not confined purely to its products but also extends to its service program, `mtu ValueCare´. Irrespective of requirements, the program can be individually tailored to customer specifications. The services available include precisely configured maintenance contracts, extended warranty services and the fast and reliable supply of high-quality, original-brand spare parts developed and manufactured in-house. More than 1200 service locations are available worldwide to deliver the `mtu ValueCare´ service program from MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH.
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