Posted on October 01, 2014

Rolls-Royce will be showcasing mtu engine and propulsion system solutions for yachts at the ‘Salone Nautico Internazionale’ yacht show in Genoa from 1 to 6 October 2014.

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  • Advanced Series 2000 M96 engine generation complies with EPA Tier 3
  • New Pershing and Sanlorenzo yachts propelled by mtu engines
  • mtu Italy celebrates 20th anniversary

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN/GENOA – Rolls-Royce will be showcasing mtu engine and propulsion system solutions for yachts at the ‘Salone Nautico Internazionale’ yacht show in Genoa from 1 to 6 October 2014. Subsidiary mtu Italy will also be celebrating its 20th anniversary.

“For over 20 years, our customers have been happy to do business with mtu Italy on engines and propulsion systems for ships and other high-calibre applications,” said Dr Michael Haidinger, CSO at Rolls-Royce Power Systems.

One of the exhibits at booth M61 in the Power Village will be the latest version of mtu’s Series 2000 M96 yacht engine which complies with EPA Tier 3 recreational regulations in the US. The mtu brand is owned by Rolls-Royce Power Systems which is part of the Marine and Industrial Power Systems division at Rolls-Royce.

Series 2000 engines deliver up to 1,940 kW and are predominantly suited to yachts where the emphasis is on speed. At Salone Nautico, Pershing and Sanlorenzo yachts will provide visitors with an impression of the capabilities of the new Series 2000. The exhibition will include the Italian premiere of the new ‘Pershing 70’ yacht, which is powered by two 10-cylinder Series 2000 M94 units from mtu delivering 1,194 kW and able to reach speeds up to 44 knots. The 37-m SL 118, yacht builder Sanlorenzo’s new planing-hull flagship yacht, and its new SD 112 semi-displacement vessel are both powered by Series 2000 units from mtu.

mtu has decades of experience in the supply of tailor-made propulsion systems and has also joined forces with shipyards to develop cost-efficient systems solutions. As an engineering partner with a huge repository of expertise, it not only supplies main propulsion engines and gearboxes for 261 to 4,300 kW output, but also gensets for on-board power from 5 to 280 kW, as well as standby systems. Also included in its portfolio are all the components necessary for yacht automation – ranging from monitoring and remote control of the propulsion plant to control levers, operating panels and instruments.

mtu has forged many long-standing business partnerships in Italy’s important marine market. Even as far back as the 1950s, it was regularly supplying engines for marine applications such as governmental vessels and hydrofoil craft. By the end of the 1980s, over 1000 mtu engines had been installed in Italian yachts. As a logical consequence of that upward market trend, an Italian subsidiary was set up in 1994 to take over sales operations. Italy is now one of the company’s key markets, and mtu Italy supplies customers with optimal solutions in marine, rail, agricultural, industrial, mining and military applications, and also specializes in power generation. Furthermore, its network of over 40 authorised workshops in Italy caters for the full spectrum of services.

mtu’s portfolio is completed by mtu ValueCare services which are precisely tailored to high-end customer requirements and available in consolidated form in the Premium Yacht Service product package. This includes the extended warranty, or EPC (Extended Propulsion Coverage), as well as annual inspections and professional product training programs. Other services include customer-specific maintenance agreements, and swift, reliable supply of genuine mtu spare parts and consumables round the clock and worldwide.
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