mtu NautIQ Master

mtu NautIQ Master is an Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) and offers the optimal solution to meet the needs of Government and highly complex commercial projects.

mtu NautIQ Master

Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS)

With marine naval design becoming more sophisticated, and more capability being integrated with fewer people on board, only proven designs and software functionality can truly meet the demands within modern project time scales and risk profiles. As world experts in the field of integration, we introduce mtu NautIQ Master, the latest evolution of our powerful IPMS solution, allowing more COTS  (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) product integration. It is a true System of Systems capable platform.

This powerful mix of mtu NautIQ Master distributed processing and highly redundant architecture, coupled to industry standard equipment and protocols allows for a truly supportable platform, with minimal obsolescence risk. This reduces platform cost, integration time and commissioning / installation issues, whilst retaining the survivability and power of the original mtu NautIQ Master, with its scalability and flexibility in terms of system architecture.

Multiple operator workstations running WINMONTM

Multi-level redundant networking including fibre optics

Remote Data Collection and Control Units

Integrated Propulsion Control System (PCS)

Integrated Automatic Power Management System (APMS)

On Board Training Systems (OBTS)

Damage Controls System (DCS)

Equipment Health Monitoring and Dynamic Analysis

mtu NautIQ Master overview

mtu NautIQ Master offers advanced bespoke solutions designed to suit the complex automation and integration requirements for operators of specialist vessels and naval.

mtu NautIQ Master is capable of providing a fully integrated turnkey electrical and automation solution, being a scalable and feature rich system capable of incorporating the following sub-systems and plug in modules:

  • Alarm, Monitoring and Control System
  • Integrated Platform Management System
  • Integrated Navigation Bridge System
  • Integrated Vessel Management System
  • Integrated Communications
  • Digital CCTV Surveillance
  • Propulsion Control
  • On Board Training System
  • Power Management
  • Condition Based Monitoring System
  • Damage Control System
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mtu NautIQ Master – IPMS incorporates


The Propulsion Control System (PCS) sits on a separate network that can be fully integrated into the IPMS. It accommodates all propulsion configurations including gas turbine, diesel and electric drives. Fixed and Controllable Pitch Propeller (CPP) shaft arrangements as well as Azimuth pods can be accommodated.


Remote monitoring of electrical systems, generators & switchboards with automatic management of load requirements, black out starts and duty set rotation. Advanced integration of propulsion system.


Remote or automated operation of ventilation and extraction systems, maintenance of ambient atmosphere for comfort and life preservation Integration into damage control system.


Monitoring and management of fluid systems such as fuel, lub-oil, cooling systems, ballast, bilges, aircraft refuelling and fire systems. Integration into damage control system.

Damage Control:

Graphical presentation of safety systems with remote or automated operation of hatch, door and ventilation closure; extraction systems; bilge and flood control; fire fighting systems; fire suppression systems; and resource deployment.

Resilient Networks:

Dual redundant networking of alternative architectures to meet specific customer requirements, including ARCNET or Ethernet over standard cable or managed fibre optic arrangements.


Sophisticated training simulation that makes use of ship trial data or pre-defined scenarios on selected workstations. Work stations utilise replica mimic sets without the need to create an alternative software programme and run with actual ship data.

Lloyd’s  Award for Software Innovation

Information to the right place defines survival, safe operation, efficiency and ability to respond. WINMON™ is the tool that combines a Tile Layered Graphic approach for simplified information presentation.

A user friendly interface for operation and maintenance places the package ahead of its rivals. Together with the flexibility to integrate third party software packages, the system develops into a comprehensive ship management tool.

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